people who matter (Part 2)


This post is a continuation of the earlier post. Read it here . This earlier post was a small introduction of my family. This post is an introduction of my second family, my friends. Till now, I have met a lot of people. However, I am not in touch with most of them. College has definitely taught me how to determine if the person whom you call your friend is really your friend.

Meet the fraannddzzz 🙂
Friends I can call or visit at anytime of the year.
Friends I believe will always be there for me.
Friends who have witnessed my life as it unfurled.
Friends who will be there to attend my wedding,
Friends who have seen me fall in love,
Friends who have helped me survive a heart break.

Rash 🙂

He is one person I cannot live without. I have to tell him every single detail of my day. He is my guide. He is someone whom I trust blindly. He is one of the few nice guys I have ever met in my life. I love the way when he tells me some incident and acts it out. He is not exactly romantic, but I am very sure the woman to marry him would be really lucky. He has hot eyes. He is a die hard fan of Natalie Portman. He is very hard working, but only when his ass is on fire. Otherwise, he is as lazy as a crocodile. He loves being in hibernation mode. He is always suggesting me to read non-romantic and well-written in other words hi-fi novels. After knowing each other for almost two years now, he still thinks I am a kid. I tell him he has grown old. He also encouraged me to start blogging, and I am very sure is the lone follower and reader of the blog. He looks really cute when he is clueless about something happening around him. The best thing about him is that he really respects relationships. And, as for me I really respect him. I wish him all the success, I wish he ditches his wife and comes trekking with me, I wish he doesn’t get bald very early.

Pink 🙂

She is one tall female. Trust me, she is tall, pretty and very homely. She loves inviting me for gorging on food whenever I am at home for something new she tried her hand at. She is innocent, laughs at her own jokes, doesn’t feel bad even when you shout at her (her brother does that, not me) and loves making plans for small small family get together’s. She is also very religious. She has always fought for herself and her beliefs (while living in the middle of a very orthodox family). We are together from L.K.G, although she changed her school after tenth standard. But, distance never came between us. We share everything, from the stories of the  first boyfriend to the first kiss to every gossip we can get our hands on.   With her being my side, my journey from being a teenager to a woman has always been pleasant. She is quite expressive about what she feels about the other person. She hated my ex and told him the same on his face.  I wish she has a wonderful life where she doesn’t have to fight for what she deserve. I so want to shop for her wedding. I want her to look the most beautiful.

Dost 🙂

We are not in contact anymore, but this isn’t a reason enough to remove him from the list of people I consider very important in my life. He is my best friend. He is someone I have always been dependent upon. He very much completes me. The person who knows me inside out. He is one person who can understand my silence and understand the reason behind my smile, he could make out that I am worried just by listening to my voice, I miss him. I love him and he would always be a very integral part of my life. He always has this cute little kid smile on his face. He finishes one novel in like one year, he is a die hard fan of Malaika Arora Khan (I don’t understand why). I used to sing on phone while talking to him and he listened patiently. He completes me and now when we don’t talk anymore, I feel this gap, a sinking feeling almost everyday. I just loved the way he waited for my birthday. I loved making cards for him. He is a very brilliant businessman. I wish all his future business plans come out successfully, I wish he earns lots and loads of money.

Mani 🙂

She has chubby cheeks, big eyes and an all time smiling face. We met during a crash course for our law school entrance exam and instantly became friends. We used to study together and I used to finish the garlic pickle she got from home. I still have the lovely card she gave me on my birthday. I hate the fact that we hail from different cities and can’t manage to meet very frequently. She is very innocent, hard-working and a very pessimist female. She gets stressed over small small things. I am really happy that she got into the University, she wanted to pursue her law studies from. Congratulations darling! I am waiting to meet you and go shopping with you. The last time we shopped together was May, 2008. I wish you become a sexy advocate, I wish to see you get married to the fair and handsome guy you dream of and I wish that distance never comes between us.

Gorgeous 🙂

She has got big Indian eyes. Everything about her is Indian from dressing to moral values. She is simple, energetic and always up for something or the other. I am telling you everybody should have a person like her in their life. She is a patient and kind sweetheart.. I wish her life to be a little different from what it is now. She keeps family above everything else and knows how to love unconditionally. She worries too much sometimes which affects her health. A very practical and straight forward person, she gets bored very easily. The best part about her is the way she understands what I want say even when Iam struggling with the right words and never judges people. I attended her wedding and she looked breathtakingly beautiful. She loves flowers. She also loves kids. Every baby just loves to sleep in her lap. I usually forget her birthday and she never complains.  How I wish I could stay longer with her. I wish her a blissful life, I wish she gets everything that god can afford, I wish her fun holidays, romantic evenings and many many babies.


people who matter :)


I have always wanted to have a big group of close friends and family. Unfortunately, over a period of time I realized I don’t possess enough patience/qualities to keep contact with most of them. I also realized that being in touch with a large number of people does not even matter, it’s more about being with people who love and care for you and people you can trust. I am so glad and thank god that I have such beautiful people in my life. People who make up my life, people who have been there when I was growing up and people who were there, are there and will always be there. I have learned to walk like them, cook like them, speak like them, choose like them.
These people are of course my parents and my sister and few close friends. It’s a pleasure to introduce the sometime cranky, sometimes crazy all time singing dancing and fighting family, it’s called the fantastic 4, the fourth member being me of course.

Meet the homemaker 🙂
She has breathtakingly beautiful, still black and thick strong black curls. I resemble her in every possible manner I can. I now understand that how I could so easily cheat in exams and never got caught. I copied everything I could from her, while still inside her. She sings, yes she does and she is amazing. She also dances with the small small kids in our neighborhood. She is an amazing cook, one who loves to learn everything new and unique. She loves decorating our house. She used to paint, doesn’t anymore. She is the creative head of the family. She wanted to study further, but was restricted. Instead of leaving the idea, she studied from home and is now a proud M.A. in Economics. She is always excited and curious. When she learned how to operate internet on computer, the first thing she googled was Lata Mangeshkar (the woman she can hear over and over again) and Hema Malini. What can I say I am her daughter and she is Momsy 🙂

Meet the Head 🙂
He is strong, he doesn’t like guys who unwantedly roam around on bikes. He cooks and makes delicious paranthas. He is someone who will make you eat when you come at our house like anything. He loves kids. Yes, he does. Everytime I go home, I find one or the other kid from neighborhood dancing around him. He is the favorite uncle ji of our building. He loves playing holi. He look so cute, when he tries his gifts there and then. And, I know he loves shopping with me. He waits until I come home and then together we go. From the day I have started understanding things and people around me, I have understood two things about him. He is a very patient man and is always satisfied with everything, unless it is salt in the food. Sometimes, I think it is so difficult maybe impossible to find guys like him with whom you can fall in love with. He has always believed in educating his daughters. making them capable enough and teaching them to fight for themselves. He is our superman. The man from whom we derive our strength. He is the foundation of our family, the rock pillar who has never looked back. Meet Popsy 🙂

Meet my better half 🙂
Oh, what do I say about her. She is another damsel with shiny and brown long hair. There was a time when I followed her blindly. If she said purple is ugly, I considered it ugly. If she said this biscuit is tasty, it became my favorite biscuit. She is strong with beliefs of her own, understanding, mature and god fearing. She gets irritated when you pull her cheek. She dances gracefully, looks gorgeous in hot pink. She is a mix of my mom and dad. She loves reading, dancing, singing and making cards. How I want to be like her but I am successfully unsuccessful at that till now. How I wish we get to stay together for our whole life and never have to take out time to visit each other. I love shopping with her. We also plan to go on a road trip someday to distant places which are unexplored and untouched by human bitterness. We used to go to school together on cycle, and she who loved riding fast, used to go slow because I was very slow. She once brought me home with a bruised knee, crying on foot pushing the bicycle I was sitting on from school to home. She is the second amazing woman of my life. She is my angel, she is gappa 🙂

And these three people summarize and in total make my life 😀

4th Year !!!


I can’t believe I am entering into the fourth year of my college life. As I have mentioned in my earlier post, I am pursuing a 5 year law course. It’s not that entering your fourth year is something very different or new. It just made me realise that more than half of my journey as a law student is complete, which also means that more than half of my college life is complete.

But, I feel that I am still adjusting to my law school life. I still make new friends and part with some.
I still haven’t been to the library terrace at midnight and watch people drinking, smoking or worst making out.
I am never late when it comes to hostel timings. I am always back on time where ever I am. I just can’t get late. The warden has never shouted at me for being late.
I have never sneaked out of the hostel. This is one thing I have always wanted to do. But, somehow it has never happened yet.
I have never been back drunk. It’s not because I have great control over myself. It’s because I don’t drink. People who come back drunk amuse me.
I have never used the sports complex facilities. I don’t play anything. I used to play badminton when I was in school. But, I was not even close to decent.
My college has a well furnished gym. Again, I have never used that.

Sometimes I feel I am either a very boring person or I have zero guts to do anything. For example, how hard I try I just can’t get late. I always reach on time where ever I am supposed to go. Even when it comes to college parties, I am always the first one to reach just to see that nobody has arrived there even the organizers.

Now when I am entering my fourth year, I feel I have not lived my college life satisfactorily. I have always been very cautious and alert of everything and everyone. After the fourth year, I will have only one more year of college life in my hand.
Writing about my college right now at this point is giving me a feeling that after it is over, there will be a big hole in my life. Gap which will be more like a longing to go back to the older times. Attending the farewell of seniors have never given me this feeling that one day I too will pass out of this place and will miss it. This feeling of distancing myself from college is actually very upsetting.

I know my friends will say that I have technically two more years to go, therefore I should stop mourning over something which hasn’t happened yet and should start planning on how to decorate my new room and balcony and decide about the balcony warming party and how we are going to dance and party the whole year just because we have got new rooms 😀 and we now own one whole cluster of rooms 😀

I too think now that its too early to think about the end. I am sorry if you found this post ridiculously long and boring. Can’t help mood swings…. 🙂

The Bad Sister…. :(


Sometimes I feel I am a very bad sister…..not because I fight a lot and get angry over small small things….its because I fail to understand my elder sister.

The problem also lies in the fact that we both think very differently. She is the elder one so she thinks about everybody and everything before making any decisions. And, I am the younger one, so I feel that beyond our parents and her obviously I don’t need to think about anything else while doing or saying something. I am 22 years old…and still she thinks that I am immature and that I cannot make smart decisions. I understand that age has got nothing to do with maturity, but I fail to understand that every time something happens between both of us…a fight or even a small argument…how come it results in me being the evil sister.

I came to Bangalore about one month back for the purpose of internship. I wanted to intern in Bangalore because my sister works here. So, I thought that we can spend a quality sister time together which we haven’t from quite sometime since she works in Bangalore and I study in Bhopal…which leads to us meeting only twice a year. Before coming to Bangalore, she told me that I would be living for one month at my relatives place and one month with her. I was fine with it as long as I was getting to live with her. But then, I don’t know what happened and she told me that I will have to live at the relatives place for both the months. I agreed to that as well, since we could catch up on weekends. But, there are only four weekends in one month which makes it to total 8 days and I am in Bangalore for two months which makes it 16 days….this is even less than the number of days I spend with her when she comes home. So what was the use of coming all the way to Bangalore from Bhopal and not even getting to meet her satisfactorily.

We fought recently and I suppose this is the biggest and the worst fight we ever had. I am not feeling good. I now know why she asked me to stay at relatives place and i agreed to it with a complaining tone since nothing else can be done about it as the paying guest houses in Bangalore are scary. But whenever, I meet her and its time to go back to the relatives place, I feel like crying. I want to be with her. And this is what I want her to understand and also somewhere I expect her to listen to my cribbing because I think she understands that I don’t like to leave her and go. But, this isn’t going the way I expected it to. She doesn’t seem to understand the cribbing part and me being the “read my eyes and understand what I feel” kind of stupid woman don’t want to express it. This has gone to the level when we don’t talk anymore but exchange e-mails. I can’t even cry since I am not at my home or hostel. I just feel that by not letting her know what I am feeling, I am hurting her to the extent which may not be repairable.

I don’t want to be a bad sister. I want to be the angelic, understanding and helpful sister. I want to take all her miseries away. I want to see her married and happy. I want to cut the throat of her boss and show her that she shouldn’t mess with my sister. She is my darling sweetheart elder sister and I lover her like anything. I am sorry di….for hurting you. But, I guess sometimes its too late to say sorry, sometimes you are not anymore forgiven just because you are the younger one….sometimes when you turn your back on someone, they will turn their back on you too….sometimes its just not anymore the way it was 😦

The First Post!! :)


so here it is…..the very first post [which I am sure nobody is going to read]…but anyways I am posting it…

I created the blog like 5 days back….and yes I didn’t create it because I wanted to blog or anything even close to that…I created this blog because I was getting bored. After creating it, I never re-opened my wordpress account again….and I almost forgot about it…when the boredom came back 😛

Its not that I am all new to the blog thing….my sister is an avid blogger and she is the only one I give all the credit to bring out the reader in me….I love reading blogs….its also because I feel to pen down all what you feel and make it visible for strangers who don’t know you is easy [ atleast this is what I feel]….I just love the way people express their feelings and opinions on blogs…but no where did I ever think of creating my own blog….I also don’t know why I named it dauntlessdaisy….i think it sounds funny 😛

I am so clueless about this first post….am I supposed to give my introduction here or the introduction part is to be left for the ABOUT ME tag [is there any such tag here?]…..if you are reading this and you think I am such a fool….then trust me I will improve with more foolish posts coming your way and if you think I am quite decent….then please keep reading ! 🙂

I welcome all of you… my blog…[ which I am not sure will have any readers or if I will survive long here]….but still I can atleast try….since my blog name suggests I am dauntless…I will try to live upto my blog’s name….and about who I am?…What do I do?….Where I live? If I am married..[I will answer that no]…if I have a boyfriend [ I will again answer that NO, that is for only singles :P]…I will dedicate an entire new post to myself on my blog…[call me self-obsessed :P]

till then…sayonara !! 🙂