The First Post!! :)


so here it is…..the very first post [which I am sure nobody is going to read]…but anyways I am posting it…

I created the blog like 5 days back….and yes I didn’t create it because I wanted to blog or anything even close to that…I created this blog because I was getting bored. After creating it, I never re-opened my wordpress account again….and I almost forgot about it…when the boredom came back πŸ˜›

Its not that I am all new to the blog thing….my sister is an avid blogger and she is the only one I give all the credit to bring out the reader in me….I love reading blogs….its also because I feel to pen down all what you feel and make it visible for strangers who don’t know you is easy [ atleast this is what I feel]….I just love the way people express their feelings and opinions on blogs…but no where did I ever think of creating my own blog….I also don’t know why I named it dauntlessdaisy….i think it sounds funny πŸ˜›

I am so clueless about this first post….am I supposed to give my introduction here or the introduction part is to be left for the ABOUT ME tag [is there any such tag here?]…..if you are reading this and you think I am such a fool….then trust me I will improve with more foolish posts coming your way and if you think I am quite decent….then please keep reading ! πŸ™‚

I welcome all of you… my blog…[ which I am not sure will have any readers or if I will survive long here]….but still I can atleast try….since my blog name suggests I am dauntless…I will try to live upto my blog’s name….and about who I am?…What do I do?….Where I live? If I am married..[I will answer that no]…if I have a boyfriend [ I will again answer that NO, that is for only singles :P]…I will dedicate an entire new post to myself on my blog…[call me self-obsessed :P]

till then…sayonara !! πŸ™‚


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