4th Year !!!


I can’t believe I am entering into the fourth year of my college life. As I have mentioned in my earlier post, I am pursuing a 5 year law course. It’s not that entering your fourth year is something very different or new. It just made me realise that more than half of my journey as a law student is complete, which also means that more than half of my college life is complete.

But, I feel that I am still adjusting to my law school life. I still make new friends and part with some.
I still haven’t been to the library terrace at midnight and watch people drinking, smoking or worst making out.
I am never late when it comes to hostel timings. I am always back on time where ever I am. I just can’t get late. The warden has never shouted at me for being late.
I have never sneaked out of the hostel. This is one thing I have always wanted to do. But, somehow it has never happened yet.
I have never been back drunk. It’s not because I have great control over myself. It’s because I don’t drink. People who come back drunk amuse me.
I have never used the sports complex facilities. I don’t play anything. I used to play badminton when I was in school. But, I was not even close to decent.
My college has a well furnished gym. Again, I have never used that.

Sometimes I feel I am either a very boring person or I have zero guts to do anything. For example, how hard I try I just can’t get late. I always reach on time where ever I am supposed to go. Even when it comes to college parties, I am always the first one to reach just to see that nobody has arrived there even the organizers.

Now when I am entering my fourth year, I feel I have not lived my college life satisfactorily. I have always been very cautious and alert of everything and everyone. After the fourth year, I will have only one more year of college life in my hand.
Writing about my college right now at this point is giving me a feeling that after it is over, there will be a big hole in my life. Gap which will be more like a longing to go back to the older times. Attending the farewell of seniors have never given me this feeling that one day I too will pass out of this place and will miss it. This feeling of distancing myself from college is actually very upsetting.

I know my friends will say that I have technically two more years to go, therefore I should stop mourning over something which hasn’t happened yet and should start planning on how to decorate my new room and balcony and decide about the balcony warming party and how we are going to dance and party the whole year just because we have got new rooms πŸ˜€ and we now own one whole cluster of rooms πŸ˜€

I too think now that its too early to think about the end. I am sorry if you found this post ridiculously long and boring. Can’t help mood swings…. πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “4th Year !!!

  1. I M Q?

    you’ve never been late? dude don’t give me that…you were almost kicked out of the college gate…should I narrate the incident here? πŸ˜›

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