people who matter :)


I have always wanted to have a big group of close friends and family. Unfortunately, over a period of time I realized I don’t possess enough patience/qualities to keep contact with most of them. I also realized that being in touch with a large number of people does not even matter, it’s more about being with people who love and care for you and people you can trust. I am so glad and thank god that I have such beautiful people in my life. People who make up my life, people who have been there when I was growing up and people who were there, are there and will always be there. I have learned to walk like them, cook like them, speak like them, choose like them.
These people are of course my parents and my sister and few close friends. It’s a pleasure to introduce the sometime cranky, sometimes crazy all time singing dancing and fighting family, it’s called the fantastic 4, the fourth member being me of course.

Meet the homemaker πŸ™‚
She has breathtakingly beautiful, still black and thick strong black curls. I resemble her in every possible manner I can. I now understand that how I could so easily cheat in exams and never got caught. I copied everything I could from her, while still inside her. She sings, yes she does and she is amazing. She also dances with the small small kids in our neighborhood. She is an amazing cook, one who loves to learn everything new and unique. She loves decorating our house. She used to paint, doesn’t anymore. She is the creative head of the family. She wanted to study further, but was restricted. Instead of leaving the idea, she studied from home and is now a proud M.A. in Economics. She is always excited and curious. When she learned how to operate internet on computer, the first thing she googled was Lata Mangeshkar (the woman she can hear over and over again) and Hema Malini. What can I say I am her daughter and she is Momsy πŸ™‚

Meet the Head πŸ™‚
He is strong, he doesn’t like guys who unwantedly roam around on bikes. He cooks and makes delicious paranthas. He is someone who will make you eat when you come at our house like anything. He loves kids. Yes, he does. Everytime I go home, I find one or the other kid from neighborhood dancing around him. He is the favorite uncle ji of our building. He loves playing holi. He look so cute, when he tries his gifts there and then. And, I know he loves shopping with me. He waits until I come home and then together we go. From the day I have started understanding things and people around me, I have understood two things about him. He is a very patient man and is always satisfied with everything, unless it is salt in the food. Sometimes, I think it is so difficult maybe impossible to find guys like him with whom you can fall in love with. He has always believed in educating his daughters. making them capable enough and teaching them to fight for themselves. He is our superman. The man from whom we derive our strength. He is the foundation of our family, the rock pillar who has never looked back. Meet Popsy πŸ™‚

Meet my better half πŸ™‚
Oh, what do I say about her. She is another damsel with shiny and brown long hair. There was a time when I followed her blindly. If she said purple is ugly, I considered it ugly. If she said this biscuit is tasty, it became my favorite biscuit. She is strong with beliefs of her own, understanding, mature and god fearing. She gets irritated when you pull her cheek. She dances gracefully, looks gorgeous in hot pink. She is a mix of my mom and dad. She loves reading, dancing, singing and making cards. How I want to be like her but I am successfully unsuccessful at that till now. How I wish we get to stay together for our whole life and never have to take out time to visit each other. I love shopping with her. We also plan to go on a road trip someday to distant places which are unexplored and untouched by human bitterness. We used to go to school together on cycle, and she who loved riding fast, used to go slow because I was very slow. She once brought me home with a bruised knee, crying on foot pushing the bicycle I was sitting on from school to home. She is the second amazing woman of my life. She is my angel, she is gappa πŸ™‚

And these three people summarize and in total make my life πŸ˜€


6 thoughts on “people who matter :)

  1. Lovely post πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Read it smiling all the way,till I realised a tear or two tricked way down to my cheeks ….how much am I waiting for those crazy road trips,love u sweet heart πŸ™‚

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