Snake Shake


What I fear most on this earth and in the entire universe is one creature. I fear snakes like anything. I am very sure that if I am facing a dinosaur and a snake, I would definitely run in the direction opposite to the position of the snake. My fear of snakes is so so much, that I can’t watch them in a zoo, or in movies or television, forget in real life in front of me without any border or fencing between.

I am back to my hostel and recently shifted to a new room. The room is decent and we have got a huge common balcony . So, everything was going well until today when while talking on the phone and randomly moving in the balcony, corridor, washroom I suddenly realised there is something sitting on the top of the shit pot in the common washroom. At first instance, I thought it is some thread or rope lying there, but on careful observation I realised its a snake. Oh my god! What do I do? Scream yes, I did that on the top of my voice running in every direction I could and imagine the snake was lying there peacefully with no knowledge of my apparent minor heart attack.

I ran screaming on the phone with Rash continously asking and laughing and asking and more laughing thinking that I saw a lizard and I am scared. But, when I told everybody while running and screaming about the still, peaceful, I don’t give a damn about what goes around me attitude snake one of them went and called the watchman. I went inside one of my friend’s room and locked the door, panic struck and with this bad bad sinking feeling inside my stomach, waited for people outside to announce that its now safe. But, no the watchman came out with a smiling face and told us “wo nahi nikal raha madam.” I almost died. Then he went out and called another guard and they both successfully managed to take the snake away. Although I don’t know how they did it, since I was hiding in one of the rooms.

I will never use the second bathroom ever in my life. I am so scared and tried so hard but my stomach wanted to ease out at that particular time only. I waited and tried to calm down the pressure rising by every second. I was almost successful but then Rash says you should never do that. He believes going to washroom and coming out all empty is a blissful feeling and I fail to understand this.

Anyways, this episode has left me all uncomfortable and scared. I don’t know how will I manage to sleep today. How will I bathe tomorrow. God, please don’t let this happen again. Please Please Please !!!


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