I narrowly passed two papers of my last trimester. Two more are to be shown and one is going to be shown tomorrow. And I am very sure I am going to flunk. I am a commerce student and the paper to be shown tomorrow is accounts. And yes I am going to flunk accounts after teaching the same subject to four people around me with science background. By the way one of those four people scored highest in the class. Irony of life and hats off to my teaching skills. 

But, it’s going to be such a shameful situation if I fail in the subject I studied in school for two years straight and the fact that I taught it to other people makes me feel so ridiculous and embarrassed at my own intelligence (I even doubt if I have any). 

God, please do something. I need only passing marks. I don’t want to score good. But, no repeats. They charge Rs.300 (don’t laugh, I am still a student) for each repeat. I don’t want to pay the greedy administration. I promise I will study like anything from this trimester. Please save me, this one last time. Momsy would be so horrified if I fail. Popsy would be so disappointed. And Gappa, I don’t know she is going to visit me the coming sunday, she will throw me out of my own room and I don’t know maybe disown me. 

I won’t abuse anybody, I won’t pray that my ex is eaten up by some dinosaur like creature or worse murdered by me, I will start writing some paper related to academics, no more facebooking. Just save me please 😦 😦


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