Who needs Feminism?


Read it here and wanted to share 🙂 A brilliant write -up and an excellent effort to bring about change.

Identify yourself as a feminist today and many people will immediately assume you are man-hating, bra-burning, whiny liberal. Perhaps a certain charming radio talk show host will label you as a “Feminazi” or “slut.” Even among more moderate crowds, feminism is still seen as too radical, too uncomfortable, or simply unnecessary. Feminism is both misunderstood and denigrated regularly.

A group of 16 women on Duke campus pursuing Professor Rachel Seidman’s course on Women in the Public Sphere have decided to fight back against these popular misconceptions surrounding the feminist movement. The popular perception that society today doesn’t need feminism is challenged. They assert the importance of feminism today.

1. I need feminism because I shouldn’t feel required to carry a knife when I walk across campus every night, just to feel safe.

2. I still need feminism after all this time, because the greatest struggles in my life have always being about being heard and understood, empowered and supported, respected and valued as a woman, as a mother and as a person- both in my career and my marriage.

3. I need feminism because people still ask me if I keep my hair short because I want to be a boy. I’m just as much a woman as long-haired women.

4. My fiancee needs feminism because: He shouldn’t be judged for not caring whether or not I

– shave my arms or legs

– wear makeup

– dress “pretty”

– have an “ideal” body type

– audibly burp and fart

5. I need feminism because, It doesn’t matter what I choose, It matter’s that I choose.

6. I need feminism because liking pretty pink ponies doesn’t make me gay, a woman, or a pedophile.

7. I need feminism because every single time I defend my opinion in Politics, I am told that my opinion does not matter because I am female (By my own mother).

8. I need feminism because he didn’t ask, and when I was too ashamed and manipulated to verbally say no. I need feminism because the man I love implied it was my fault until he wintnessed a sexual assault first hand. I need feminism because a friend , who never experienced sexual assault personally, told me I should’ve said no, as if my physical resistance was consent. I need feminism because I should not have to justify my feeling. I am not to blame! It was four years ago. I just want it gone. To a sexual assault victim, feminists are supportive of my story and recovery.

9. I need feminism because i’m entitled to feel safe walking down the street.

10. I need feminism because I have never been able to believe a single person who told me I was beautiful.

11. I need feminism because we are all fundamentally equal. Men could not exist without women just as women could not exist without men. Due to this simple fact, neither sex should be held superior. it is time to break all barriers that rest between. Men and women both have the right to explore what society deems “masculine” and “feminine” without being judged. If a woman prefers to let her body hair grow, so be it. If a man enjoys ballet, there’s nothing wrong with that. We are all human being alike. Stop dividing us with stereotypical gender roles. We are one. It is time the world treats us that way.

12. I need feminism because I shouldn’t need a reason for not shaving my pits (I’m not making a statement; it’s just more comfortable).

13. I’m tired of getting beaten up because women don’t understand and men are intimidated.

14. “I need feminism because I’m tired of living in a country where women are treated as if they’re undeserving of making decisions regarding their own bodies, they’re made to think they don’t need to be compensated equally for the same work, and they’re raised to think that slurs like ‘bitch’ and ‘slut’ are okay”

15. I need feminism because I hate myself.


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