What to expect when you are falling in love…



Nobody has been able to define what it is. People have definitely expressed and penned down how it feels to be in love.

When I was with axe, I very strongly believed I was in love. But, then it all was not what I convinced myself it was. I did everything I could for him. Cards, letters, surprises, etc etc. It was never valued and I was so blind I couldn’t understand whatever I am doing the person is not worth it. I also don’t believe in big surprises, I like small things done for me with utmost love. Unfortunately, I have still to experience such affection, if at all it is written to be experienced by me.

Even after my personal experience, I can’t say that I don’t anymore believe in love. I do very much because of the people surrounding me who are addicted to it. Almost all my friends are committed. And everybody has seemed to experience those tiny special moments of romance in their relationship. I have a friend who is like right now in the process of falling in love (so does she says). Her guy is very simple, sober, patient and nice. But, he never reciprocates anything that she does for him. If she sends a romantic message to him, he doesn’t seem to understand how to reply to a female who dedicates Β such beautifully written quotes to you. And I am not saying that he should reply in the same manner, write some shayari in return or go ga ga over it, but atleast an acknowledgement of the same can be expected.

I also sometimes feel that I expect a lot. And so I give such full of expectation advises to my friends that they end up fighting with their respective boyfriends. I expect (if at all I find a guy and if at all he would do such things) him to give me surprise visits, if he lives away from me (like another town). I expect him to sing random songs for me. I expect him to write letters (yes love letters) to me. I expect him to bring flowers for me when he comes to meet me. I expect him to call me up in the middle of the night and tell me that he loves me. I expect him to sometimes cook for me (even if it is tea and toast or maggie or lemon juice or just bazaar se layi huiΒ ice-cream). I expect him to dance in the rain with me (even if he doesn’t dance). I expect him to sing cheesy bollywood songs for me (even if he just can’t sing and yes it should be strictly bollywood). I expect him to show and express what he feels because that is what is going to make me feel special and wanted. And, I expect him to make me feel special.

So am I expecting a lot ?? And mind you if this is a lot, then what happens to those guys whose girlfriends want them to take them to expensive places, buy diamond rings and gift them nothing less than GUCCI. By such standards, I think I am one of the nicest females on earth. Don’t you think so? πŸ˜‰


6 thoughts on “What to expect when you are falling in love…

  1. hmmm.. “love” meaning itself varies from person to person..
    should i say that u are nicest female?? hmmm may to yes to some extent.. but i always have a feeling that true lovely is there only when u dont expect anything in return, just being with each other is enough.. u dont even have to speak with each other.. even the silence is enjoyable.. but we are no saints.. we need some gifts to boost ourselves and we enjoy being pampered.. :).. so go ahead, dont demand.. but be happy even if u dont get any gifts too.. πŸ™‚

    • yes, I totally agree with you that you don’t expect anything in return when you are in love, I also never did when I was in a relationship. But, now when I look back I feel I should have expected things so that he couldn’t have taken me for granted. And, by using the word expectation I do not mean demanding anything. What I am talking about is being acknowledged, even if he doesn’t do anything in return, it is not an issue. But, he should appreciate and acknowledge that I have put in efforts to do something for us. πŸ™‚

  2. I dont know what love is , and i dont think many do.

    we have our own interpretation of love, everyone is different and has different way .. we need to understand that .. what happens in Bollywood movies is more of fiction a story REEL life .. REAL life does not work like that ..

    and I am sure you are the nicest person .. all the best and enjoy

    • hahaha. Arey I specified bollywood because I don’t listen to english songs. I am practical enough to understand the difference between reel and real life πŸ™‚
      you too have fun πŸ™‚

  3. pseudomonaz

    i so identify myself with u… people say u should never expect in love but when u r giving your everything to a relationship you do expect something in return…right???and diamonds and expensive gifts can never replace those small little gestures you show in love…:-)

    • Well, if you can identify with me then Welcome to our space Pseudomonaz πŸ™‚
      I totally agree with you when you are giving your 100%, you do have a right to expect back πŸ™‚ and
      Yes, it is the small gestures that matter and only these gestures make for a beautiful relationship ahead πŸ™‚

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