Home :)



1. is the place where you can roam around wearing no pants, half pants or daddy’s pants.

2. is the place you can look ugly and still feel beautiful.

3. is the place where you get to eat your favorite food. It is the place where Momsy would wait for you to get up in the morning so that you two can have breakfast together even if she is badly hungry.

4. is the place where Popsy brings samosas, pani puri and bread vada, just to spend time with you. At times he would even keep my scooty all ready with tank full because I will come home and use it. He usually doesn’t cook, but will make awesome alloo paranthas for you.

5. You can call Popsy when he is in office and tell him that Momsy is scolding you and he will listen to you with such patience and even offer some help. You can call him and tell him Bhuk lagi hai, jaldi ghar aao and he will be there for you with you to have lunch.

6. is the hub of memories. You take out those old albums and look at them again and again, while Momsy tells you the story behind each click.

7. is the place where you will get as much to spend as you want to without being questioned.

8. Everytime you ask your Mom, how do you look in that particular hairstyle or dress, and she will tell you that you look beautiful, whatever you wear.

9. is the place where Momsy and Popsy (who do not really go out usually) would get ready in an instant to take you out for eating that awesome bhel or to explore that handicraft exhibition or to simply visit the nearby temple.

10. The afternoon snacks with Momsy and the way she tells you all that is going in her mind. Her worries, her concerns, how she wants gappa and my marriage to happen, what will she wear, who is she going to invite, what did she win in her recent party with friends, how other aunties cheat and win. Oh, mumma how I love you !!

There are no second thoughts about the saying that the ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned. I still have one year to complete my college studies. I so want it to end. I want to spend as much time as I can with Momsy and Popsy. I feel guilty every time I leave home, I am 22 and I should be taking care of them. Everytime they sound confused about something, everytime they think twice before spending somewhere I feel so incapable, so undeserving of their love. I so want them to enjoy their life to the fullest, go on tours, buy things they couldn’t because they wanted to save for our education. I promise you Momsy, and I promise you Popsy, just one more year and those worry lines on your forehead, will never appear again.

Love you forever !!