Are there any break up rules?


We have all been heart broken atleast once in life. Hey, if your heart was never tossed around, played with or just well simply ignored, then I guess you belong to the rare lucky breed of women and men on this planet. Take a bow ! And all of you who have faced the bad guys and girls out there, have put up a brave face and survived, hats off to you !

So, what really should people do, when you know you decide to separate your respective ways to lead a more comfortable, easy and uncomplicated life? How do you manage your days or how do you reschedule everything you used to do with him or her till date and decide to do it all alone? The big question is are there any rules you abide by? Have you followed a particular kind of a lifestyle after you broke up in order not to feel terrible about your sudden singularity? Or putting it up more clearly what have you done to not miss him? Are there any standard techniques you must follow?

Honestly, I don’t know. But, even in my case, I have done or followed things I would have never done while with him.

1. I started thinking about him as a very bad guy. True, he was not honest and stuff, but still he had some nice qualities I couldn’t ignore. But then, I decided to ignore every sweet thing he ever said to me. I thought so many negative things related to him, that now I sometimes get confused if what I think is right or if I am just making it up.

2. I directed my attention to other available single guys. But, this actually doesn’t always work. When you have already dated someone for quite a long time, then there is an invisible standard set in your mind. And if the guy you are now sitting with doesn’t even match a single standard, read it as a warning and run! (In the opposite direction of course).

3. People say talking about it makes you feel good. Not true. Talking about it makes you feel like shit. Above all, talking about your break up with your friends who are happily committed makes you feel like the most undesired, ugly and unpalatable.

4. Cry. Cry about it while sleeping, while studying, while bathing while doing anything and everything. Cry even if his name is mentioned in front of you. Cry if you see a couple happily engaged, cry if you see someone proposing, cry cry and cry. I guess it does help to an extent.

5. Abuse him. Call him and let him know of your vast knowledge of newly learnt abuses. Try it on him. This might however lead to a very very bad end. You might even feel guilty afterwards. But, it is good if you are really angry and you want to take it out on him. This surely helps, but momentarily.

6. Take revenge. Find out his weak points and make a plan to throw it back in his face. This also might end in a very bad manner, because what if he also turns revengeful. Doesn’t seem to be a very good idea. But, if you think you can wait, then always remember revenge is a dish best served cold.

7. Forget about everything and move on. Act like it doesn’t matter and get on with your life. This is hard. Actually very hard. I guess this doesn’t qualify to be on the list.

8. Forgive. This is even harder. I wouldn’t recommend you to try it. Although if you can, then do it. It will relieve you. But, personally I believe planning revenge is more satisfying.

9. Change. Change your contact number, your address, change everything. Run like a ninja if you see him or crash into him accidentally.

10. Be friends with him. This is not at all to be tried. It is because if he dates somebody else in front of you, you will burn like a phoenix inside and you can’t help but smile. The only alternative is to find a date before he does and show off. Well, isn’t that too much pain for a guy/girl with whom you don’t want to be with anymore.

So, what did you do to get over him? Is there anything in particular that you followed? List it. Or on a totally different note, do you even believe that any such rules exist or should exist or you are totally against them? We might be helping a depressed soul out there !!

P.S.- (i) Wherever, he/his/him has been used, it is understood to include she/her.

(ii) Some guys have a rule that they never abuse women. So, they don’t need to go through point 5.  Though, I fail to understand that while abusing they do it in the name of women (Teri maa ki and all).

(iii) I know it is Diwali time and I shouldn’t be posting such depressing stuff, but I have got nothing better to do. So bear with me please.




Diwali Alone


This the first time, in the history of my being alive that I am all alone on diwali. Yes, I didn’t go home and I am staying back at the hostel for four days straight. Also, the cherry on the cake is that I am all alone in my cluster as well. Everybody has left for their respective places to celebrate diwali.

Since, I am all alone and it might get depressing if I think of being alone every next second, I have decided I won’t think about it. I mean it is not that I won’t feel it. Thinking or no thinking doesn’t really makes any difference. But, today was day one of the four day hostel alone conquest and I am quite happy and content about the whole day. I woke up in the morning, cleaned my room, bathed and STUDIED (only after watching four back to back episodes of Sex and the The City). But, still I studied and only after completing or say getting bored of studying, I realized I have completed the portion I planned to complete today. Isn’t that great? 🙂

Actually, the feeling of being alone is not that bad. Since, I like being alone. No, I am not saying that just because I am alone right now. I genuinely like to be alone.

Momsy and Popsy left for Udaipur yesterday and that is why I couldn’t go home this time. Gappa is in Bangalore. Well, now that I am staying back at college for diwali, I initially thought I would go out and see how it is celebrated in the college/hostel. But, now I don’t really entertain the idea anymore. I guess on the night of diwali as well, I will be in my bed watching some movie and eating mess food. By the way, I beforehand collected movies from friends for the coming four days so that I can watch movies and not get bored.

Anyways wishing all of you a very happy and prosperous Diwali. I wish all of your dreams come true and Goddess Lakshmi may always keep your pockets full. Have fun and be safe !!

Mere tumhare Sabke liye Happy Diwali 😀


Teach me to ignore you !!


When I get close to a person, he/she becomes my habit. I don’t know why this happens, he/she consumes a lot of my time and suddenly the habit of having him/her around me turns into a bad habit. And if later, due to any reason I have to part with the person, I just cannot stand the distance. However, recently I have realized that this bad habit of letting people hover around you and then suddenly let them leave  a space, a big blank space in your life is not just a bad habit, it is letting them take you for granted.

I let this thing happen with axe for a very long time. And now the same thing is happening with Rash. I know I know he has started working and all. But, you can call a person next day when you see missed calls on your mobile phone or atleast leave a message that yes he did see my missed call and yes his eyes coordinate with his brain and decipher that there is a missed call because somebody (specifically I) called you.

So I decide everyday that fine, I won’t call him. But, me being me, like me being the biggest ass ever, end up calling him and he as always end up not receiving my call. Everything is still digestable till this point, but then not calling me back, or picking up the call while insanely sleepy is something which irritates me like anything. This gives my imagination and assumption making powers a giant leap and I end up thinking that maybe he doesn’t want to talk anymore and he is just ignoring me in order not to hurt me (how considerate, ain’t he?), or maybe I am no longer the kind of friend he might want to roam around with or be in touch with any longer (because I know he met some cool sounding chicks in his office and stuff like that),or maybe because I don’t know how to eat with fork and knife and I don’t have those sophisticated mannerisms  he always wanted to teach me. In all I don’t know and I am angry.

And what I want to do is, ignore him as well. I don’t want to call him, I don’t want to receive his call, if at all he calls and I don’t want to wait for his calls. I want to pretend like I too have a life and I am not going to sit and wait for his calls or think all day what I want to share with him when we talk or make any plans with him or for him. I even plan to change my mobile number so that he can’t reach me, but the problem is I remember his contact number, and the problem is with me and not with him. Also, even if I delete his contact number, it is embedded like a gem stone (not that I consider him like one) in my memory.

Please Please tell me how do you ignore people? And I am not doing this just because I am angry, I sincerely want to learn this trick.

P.S.- You might thing that I am such a kid and the poor guy might just be a little busy and stuff, but since I am angry and I have been calling him and I am feeling bad, everybody is going to be on my side. Ok? Ok!