STOP being a man !!


400424_523948720953073_125078230_nI have no words, just anger and hatred for the manner men in this country behave. The idea of first owning a woman like a property, objectifying her, abusing in her name and raping her, is this all that a woman is for on earth? No Is this all a woman is for in our country?

First molest her, assault her and then if this doesn’t satisfy your manhood, go rape her. Rape her because she wasn’t properly dressed, rape her because she was asking for it, rape her because she is a divorcee, rape her because she was alone at night (doesn’t matter if it is a secluded street or a busy road), rape her because she has a boyfriend, rape her because she goes to pubs and drinks, rape her because if she has consensual sex with somebody, she can have it with everybody and anybody, rape her because you think she is a slut. Rape her because she is a woman. Rape her because she deserves it.

Do not leave her. Teach her a lesson. Let her know that you are above everything, the law and the morals (if you have any). Prove it to her, that the age old practice of killing the female foetus inside the womb was so correct, that being born as a girl is not only incorrect, but a sin in itself. For this is a nation where Sita was abandoned, Draupadi was gambled, Anusuya had to prove her chastity and Ahalya was converted to a stone. So, how can any practice of Indian society be wrong? Because this is a great nation. Indeed it is. So nothing that we practice, nothing that we believe in and nothing that we preach, nothing can ever be wrong.

Years have passed by. Decades no, centuries actually. Nations who were nothing when we thrived and proved our might everyday are now some of the most safest places for women on earth. They have acknowledged that a nation can be nothing not even zero without women. But we, we still believe that we cannot exist without men. And yes, this proves we are a great nation. I submit to it. We are. And the manner things have been going around and the women being raped, we will always be a great nation.

I have male friends, always had. But, I never discussed any of such incidents with them for I was too embarrassed and ashamed of the details. I once brought up the topic in front of a male friend and pat came his reply, What if she is making it all up? How do you know if she was REALLY raped? And I couldn’t answer. I couldn’t answer not because I agree with him, but because I wanted to slap him. I want to tell him this now, no sane or rationale man (yes I am not using person but man) would ever think that a woman would go through all what she has to in this country after getting raped just for the fun of it. For you are too shallow to even think like that and too courageous to say it.

After that conversation, I believe that nothing in this country can change the centuries old male dominant characteristic of our society. Yes, I am giving up and yes I am generalizing because if highly educated men talk like this, how can you even expect uneducated and drunk men to BEHAVE when they see a woman alone or when it comes to helping one while she is in trouble. What we need are not self-defense classes for women or pepper spray or long nails, we need HOW TO CONTROL YOURSELF DAMMIT classes for men. They need counselling. They need to be taught that we are equal and not a sex object. And we are equal not because the law of the country says so, who cares about the law anyways. We are equal, because we always were. If you don’t accept or if you can’t accept something, it doesn’t become invisible. I have always wanted to be a mother of three daughters. I don’t know why three. But yes. Now, I don’t even want one, but neither do I desire for a son. I don’t want my daughters to grow up all scared and question their existence. I would rather abort them, then giving them a life lacking dignity and respect.

You don’t prove your manhood when you rape a woman. You don’t prove your manhood, when you pass lewd comments. You don’t prove your manhood, when you stare. You don’t prove your manhood, when you preach and you don’t definitely prove manhood by standing aside when a woman is being raped. I hope this is helpful in clarifying the criteria for proving your manhood. For I won’t say more on manhood, because what do I know about it, I am a woman. The same manner do not dare speak or question a woman or her story, because you know nothing about it, because you are not a woman.

What you can do is which might be a little helpful, is STOP being a man, be a human. That is enough for a lifetime. Some people are of the view that the Delhi rape case is being hyped (, that this nation has too many problems at hand to direct all our energies and resources towards a single rape case. Yes, I agree we have too many issues to deal with as a nation, but this isn’t a reason to not HYPE this incident. It needs to be hyped because anyways the fire will die down eventually. And the victim who is fighting for her life in the hospital, would thank god for not letting her live in a country where she would have to die everyday afterwards. For what lies in front of her is the tattered, insensitive and outraging procedure of the court.

I pray for her. And I pray for every woman who dares to be herself, dresses as she likes and be herself. I also pray for women who are shattered and traumatized. Somehow, I don’t feel positive about praying, for even god I presume is a man.


4 thoughts on “STOP being a man !!

    • We all are ashamed Bikram. Men in this country need to learn that women too are humans. You won’t believe that there are people who think that if she survives, nothing good will come out of it. She won’t get married (as if this is the last thing on earth for women) and blah blah blah. This is what we need to change. Women are not on earth to provide for the sexual satisfaction of men, marry, bore children and die. The mentality with respect to women has to be changed from level zero. And this is will take years. 😦

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