Happy New Year !!


I never imagined celebrating (doubtful) my new year in Delhi. I was in train on the night of 31st December and now on 1st January, 2013 I am in Delhi at a friend’s apartment. I met her some one and a half year back when I came to Delhi and we shared a room together. I liked her not instantly, but eventually. Realized later that she is the sober side of me.

It is freezing in Delhi. Like really cold. I was out the whole day looking for a paying guest to put up for a month. Rash helped me all through the day, came to pick me up and dropped me back after making sure I choose to right place to stay after the recent protests and incidents in Delhi.

I hope all of yours new year eve went really great. I have never celebrated new year as such, apart from the routine ritual of wishing some close friends. So, all of you who love to party, I hope you celebrated it with the invention of some awesome dance moves, all of you who like to celebrate it quietly, I hope you did cut the cake and all of you who slept all through it, I hope you had a blissful dream.

So here’s wishing you a very happy, prosperous and wonderful new year. I wish that whatever the last year taught us remains with us all through our lives and we start this year with a new determination and changed mindset.



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