Letter to Dost-2


I know I promised to write very frequently, but then you know how it is. When I have so many things to say to you, I can’t choose which one should I go for first. And all this choosing and prioritising leads to me writing nothing, thinking that I can deal with stuff on my own without sharing it. But, then I am wrong.

Sometime back I was thinking, what makes our relationship so special. I know we both never stressed over reasons much when it came to one another, but then really what is so special about you having me and me having you for all these years. People make friends, some lose friends, some fight and some simply choose to forget. What kept you and me together, what keeps that bond strong ?? I found some reasons, tell me what you think about it. 🙂

1. Expectations:

I never had any from you. And you never had any from me. What we had was understanding. You remember we never actually used the word “Expectation”. I don’t know people around me use it all the time. Instead of giving importance to knowing where the problem lies, what everybody puts forward is that you haven’t done what they expected you to do. It feels so ridiculous dost. Sometimes, it feels like what kind of people I am living with. All they know about is that they “expected” something from you, what they can’t seem to get into their mind is that they might also be not fulfilling my “expectations” (if at all I have any from them).

2. Care

I remember when you came rushing to my house to meet me, when I got chickenpox just before the board exams in 12th standard. You wouldn’t listen to me when I said don’t come. You will catch it too. You said it doesn’t matter. You just want to see me. I also remember your reaction when the washbasin fell on my foot in Jodhpur. You were unlocking your apartment door in Indore and I told you I got 7-8 stitches, I couldn’t see you, but I know you froze then and there. Your perpetual cold, gosh you would make me go mad, if you had that dark chocolate thing or just ice cream with patel at Top and Town. I used to get so angry and tell you this way its never going to get cured. And you would very obediently drink haldi ka dhoodh after getting back home. I miss those days dost. I miss you all the more.

3. Counting things

Have we ever counted things, things we did for each other. How disgusted I feel when someone does that in front of me. How small the relationship feels. I mean have you ever thought of doing it dost?? Isn’t it just too cheap. And if I go by figures, I would never be able to match whatever you did for me. Not that I am counting, but then I don’t understand when people do that. It is like we should nowadays keep account of everything you do for X, Y, Z. So that when they throw their figures at you, you should be ready for a counter attack.

4. Tit for tat

Have we ever done something, while fighting or while not fighting, something just because you did it for me or against me and now you felt like it is time for you to get back at me. It is like people are still in school or something. It is like whenever you got Silk for me, I should have got dark chocolate for you not because I know that you like it and I want you to have it or not because it is my way of showing my love for you but because you got it earlier for me so I should do the same. I get annoyed dost. I am so glad we never got into such dirty games.

5. Respect

You always respected me as a woman, as a friend. I could always feel your careful eyes on me. I always knew why you hold my hand in a particular manner when we are walking on the road. When you looked at the other guys on the street who stared at me like you will kill them then and there. You have never pushed or pulled me even when we were fighting in the drawing room of my house for fun sake. I always felt safe with you dost. I don’t feel that ways any more. This respect thing dost, I now realize is very important for any relationship. And is much much more important when you know it is not there.

These are just 5 things. Our special bond, exists because we want it to exist. We can never let go of each other for anything in the world. The more I meet new people, the more lucky I feel. Lucky that I have you in my life. Lucky, that I can count on you, come to you and you will be there for me with me just beside me. I promise you dost, wherever I go, what we have between us is never going to fade. I will protect us forever.



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