Not Special Enough huh !!




I was watching Nach Baliye current season (whichever it is) yesterday. I watched the part where (participant couple) a guy proposes to his girlfriend on National television.Β It was quite a shock for the girl and they were really cute together. She also said that she always had a complaint that her boyfriend never made her feel special. He never proposed to her, never gave any surprises etc etc and that is why the moment was really special for her and made her feel very special as well.

When I was with axe, I tried everything (as far as I think, never got to learn his views on the same) to make him feel special (read: wanted). I had these plans of meeting him, preparing this and that for him, making cards (I am good at it and I love giving cards, and getting them too) etc etc. I am quite sure I did everything possible for me, to make him feel that he is the one. With time I realised when you start giving too much in a relationship and it is one sided, you will always be taken for granted. This is what happened. And this is why I decided if ever again I go for a relationship, I will make sure I am not the only one who is doing everything.

I also learnt that maybe making the other person feel special is not always necessary. It is all about feelings, understanding, being there for each other and like. But then is it never needed? I don’t know. I have never felt special and I don’t think I will ever get to feel that way. So, I have no hopes, really. And, if at all it is about understanding and love, then how do you expect your partner to know/identify that you love him/her. FYI, I am not talking about showing your love in a material form. But do you expect him/her to love you in the same manner without you making sure that your feelings (love) is timely expressed and sometimes, just sometimes showered.

I am nobody to talk about love and relationships, as I don’t really have a decent history when it comes to any kind of relationships, be it friends, be it family or be it X, Y or Z. What do you think about this making him/her feel special? Have you done anything for your partner that made his/her day? Have your partner made you fall in love again and again with him/her after you were together? Or you feel it is not needed? If you do feel that way, then why?

Do tell me about your idea(s) of love and be loved. This is Valentine’s week, lets go through a variety of definitions of love. Lets try to frame it. Lets see if it exists. And if it does exist, for how long it manages to survive?

For the time being, Happy Valentine’s Week for all in love and for those like me, lets make sure that it does happen to us atleast once in this lifetime (for I believe it exists, it is just hard to find and the maintainance costs, dude don’t even bring it up!!)



8 thoughts on “Not Special Enough huh !!

  1. I saw the episode today. It was cute right? Well you know what, i can never dream of something like that. I am on the same frequency as you. I do everything to make him feel special but i never get anything in return. I think some guys are just not like that. And it hurts, when you see all these cute guys doing cute things for their girlfriends. This valentine, like always will be spent fighting with each other. I am into one of these on and off relationships, i don’t really know what it means but it feels appropriate to say so.
    Love does exist, keep believing in it like i do.

    • It was very cute πŸ™‚
      You know what I have reached to the conclusion that if it is not making you happy now, there is no point in waiting for it to work. For if everything happens for good (says the optimist me), then we can risk the chance of letting ourselves out of the relationship. And yes, I agree that love does exist but now I also feel that it doesn’t happen again and again. It is just once in a lifetime thing. If you are lucky enough, it will work for you the very first time and if not, then you will end up writing posts like these πŸ˜›
      And don’t worry if you want it to work, nothing and nobody can stop you. Trust me, I have been through the same and I know somewhere that if I didn’t decide to walk out, I would have celebrated my 6th anniversary this year πŸ˜€

  2. Zack never proposed to me nor is he of the romantic kind to pop up surprises and gifts. Even if I make him stand in front of a florist it would not click to him that he should buy me some roses πŸ™„

    That said, there have been many many instances where I have fallen in love with him over and again. Its true vice-versa too. Love does exist, just that the ways to identify it is different for every one of us πŸ™‚

    Ah..I forgot to say Hi πŸ˜›

    Hey DD, nice to meet you πŸ™‚

    • Hi Visha, welcome to my blog πŸ™‚

      I totally agree with you.

      But the issue wasn’t if it should be always and necessarily done? The question is, is it never needed?

      Love has different meanings and connotations for every single person, and I am very sure that every single person would love to be treated specially even if it is just sometimes. And special treatment no where means expensive jewellery or awesome dinner dates, it can be anything from oil massaging your head to making maggie for you or just listening to you rant πŸ™‚

      And yes, nice to meet you too πŸ˜€

  3. Uff!! I am the conplete romantic types and it breaks my heart to see you guys sulking like this! πŸ˜›
    Yes, some guys don’t understand the concept of showing off your emotions but then how is the girl going to get it? Huh?

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