What to write about??


I have been searching for a decent topic to write upon for a week now. I couldn’t find any. I log into my wordpress account, read other blogs and log out. Until tonight, I realized I created the blog to write whatever is going on in my mind, life and heart. I need not think about ‘decent’ stuff to pen it down. I can write ridiculous stuff if that unloads me from stress.  So here is a list of events going on and around me for sometime now.

Pink got engaged earlier this year to her boyfriend. She will get married on 25th November, 2013. I am very happy for her. But, somewhere I don’t want her to be married. What will I do without her? She is with me from L.K.G. And now suddenly she is off to live with someone else. And I haven’t even met her boyfriend. Just saw his pictures on facebook. He has a big joint family. I know Pink doesn’t mind because she herself has been living in a joint family and she believes that such issues are not really big if you want to live with the guy whom you are in love with. I will do a detailed post on her shopping, and other paraphernalia later.

Rash and I have stopped talking to each other. The way he made it sound, I am quite sure he was serious and meant it. My relationship with him pushes me to think about how after a certain point of time, you change for the people you once believed you are never going to live without. Why and how do you decide that you do not want that person to be in your life anymore? Where do you get that self-control from everytime you feel like talking, sharing, crying or just joking? I have no clue. Guess, I am strong enough to do that. I will never be that strong.

Crazy Shopper is one chuppa rustum. I sometimes just love the way she handles herself emotionally. I can never do that. If something happens, I turn into a total cry baby. I have no clue what made her take those decisions, but I want to let her know that whatever happens I will always be with her, supporting her, loving her, caring for her and never judging her. That’s what friends are for? Hai na !!

I want to study. I just can’t. I hate the fact that even my 4th year is going to end in another 2 months. Time flies. No, it actually competes with light in matters of speed. I never believed that I will make life long friends in college. But I am lucky to have found some. I eat with them, sleep with them, cry in front of them and share with them. My existence in college is surrounded and settled around them. God knows what would I do without them. Phew!!

I want to go to sunburn. I have never been to crazy places before. I have never ever been inside a pub (okay only once!!). But, I want to do crazy stuff now. I have always been too alert and cautious. I want to leave my comfort zone and experiment with different things in life. For example, I don’t drink. Forget getting high. Not that it is something very smart to do, but I don’t think never doing it is also very smart. I think I need to loosen up a bit. But, yes all this only after placements end positively for me.

I love the poems written by Pseudomonaz. I wish even I could write like her. They touch the right places and memories.

The way Gappa and her boyfriend have carried it through. I can never imagine having so adorable a relationship. *Anti-jinx*.

I guess I have figured out what I want to do after I pass out of the college. I know plans might not work the way you want to, but then what is the harm in keeping a frame of to do list in your mind. I want to adopt a girl child before I turn 29. I don’t know why the figure. And yes, it might be even before I get married. Which in India, is going to kill the chances of marriage altogether. I don’t really care. I know my family would support me as thy have always been there. However, I think the adoption laws have again been amended. I am not really sure what the law now says, but it has restricted single people opting for adoptions.

Okay enough of ranting and nonsensical talks for the day. Bear with me 😛




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