To interning and Cooking again…!!!


So here I am in New Delhi, interning again at the end of my fourth year. I so hope and pray that this be my last internship, and I don’t have to intern again after this. I am basically done with internships. After my first year, first vacation, I haven’t spend more than a week at home. I so want those blissful, no-work-to-do days back, at least for sometime. And, then there is Pink’s wedding coming up next in November. Yeah, that requires another post.

So coming back to the full of heat and go-to-work days, I am putting up with a friend in New Delhi. I met her on my first internship in New Delhi itself and we shared the same room in a paying guest house. We became friends then, I borrowed and read Β Amitav Ghosh from her. I never knew then, that we would become such good friends. I am glad we are. She is the sober side of me. I really like her a lot.

So here at her flat, the friend and her roomie cook breakfast, lunch and dinner by themselves, When she offered me to shift with her, my first and foremost concern was how will I cook three times a day? I mean I just can’t do that. Cooking is not my cup of tea. Momsy was also worried that if I shift with the friend, I wouldn’t cook and who will take care of my food and what if I stay empty-stomach for the lack of culinary skills. But then, I thought I have never stayed at a flat like with friends and this might be my last internship and maybe it is the last time I am coming to New Delhi. So, I decided against my fears and shifted with her.

It has been 2 days and it is going pretty well. But, honestly I am really worried how the whole month would be? I will also come to know if Β I am the order-food-daily types woman. Which I assume I am not.

The office is decent. The partners also seem to be good and friendly. I even have two co-interns to keep me company. The office timings are great. 10:00-10:15 in the morning and I have to stay till 7 PM. I guess it is okay since I am living just 1.5 kms away from my office. I was a total ass on the first day as without asking the office timings I reached the office at 9’O clock sharp in the morning. Then, waited for office people to come for one and a half hour. This all waiting for the office to open and waiting for the partner to give me work made me feel helpless. I do not like waiting. In fact I hate it. Tomorrow is Saturday and I can wear casuals. Isn’t that great? πŸ˜€

I am hopeful that these two months turn out to be, if not great at least decent and normal.




4 thoughts on “To interning and Cooking again…!!!

  1. the moment the dish you cooked starts tasting great, you will have a chart ready in your mind, what to cook when πŸ˜€ πŸ˜›
    Until then, relax. You always have alternatives for burnt food πŸ˜‰

    Same thing happened with me, the day I had to join here, I was there at 9 sharp, only to see no one there 😦

    • hahaha….yeah I do have alternatives for burnt food…bread butter and jam 😦
      It is so frustrating na, it feels like nobody other than you is punctual any longer πŸ˜›

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