Bread Poha for Dinner :D


Yeah yeah I know most of you will read this and say, “Bas itna hi…bhuk nahi lagi baad mein??” Atleast Gappa said the same thing. 😛
So, nahi bhuk nahi lagi baad mein. We even had salad.

Coming back to the Bread poha, I came back from office and didn’t feel like cooking roti and sabzi, the usuals you know. I told my friend’s roomie that lets make bread poha. Why?

Because it is easy, takes no time and is ready and doesn’t require lots of utensils to be utilised. Which means no washing utensils 😀

We cut 2 onions and one tomato (it was the last one left) and 2 green chillies. I poured some oil and let it get hot. But then I realized the pan had some water and as soon as the pan was heated, the water and oil started making that tuck tuck tuck tuck noise. And I ran away from the kitchen and didn’t return until the oil water war was over.

Next, I put some powdered asafoetida (googled the name, normally people call it hing), cumin seed and onion in the pan. I let the onion get a little pinkish creamish in colour and then added tomato. I let them dance all over the pan for a minute or two and then added red chilly powder, turmeric powder, salt and chaat masala for fun 😛

I mixed everything nicely and neatly and let it cook for another 3-4 minutes. Next, bread was cut into small small square pieces with the border of the bread (I don’t know if it is known by some other name) removed. The bread pieces were added in the pan and mixed thoroughly, evenly without spilling.

Served hot with Guruji’s Rose Squash.

P.S- Do not question the combination. 😀

P.S 1- Yes I know it is no unusual receipe to be blogged about, but then I had a Digi Cam, and I was too excited and hence the post. 😀

It didn’t turn out to be very good. It tasted ok ok. And I also know that it looks scary by the face of it. 😦

Onions frying after the water oil war

Onions frying after the water oil war

Me cooking :D

Me cooking 😀

Adding the chaat masala

Adding the chaat masala

Presenting Bread Poha :D

Presenting Bread Poha 😀

After the spices were added to the onions

After the spices were added to the onions


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