Bhindi Pyaaz :D


I came back from office only to find my friend’s roomie gone. She is out of station for some days. Me and the friend did not want to spend much time in the kitchen. So, we settled on pyaaz bhindi and parantha. 

It took me one hour to cut onions, bhindi (lady finger) and green chillies. It is so because I was talking to Momsy and Gappa on phone which proves that I am not much of a multi-tasker. I believed otherwise for some years.

When I went inside the kitchen, and tried locating where the oil is kept, the friend and I realized that it is over. So, at 9:30 in the night, we went out and bought Fortune Refined oil. We came back and I started cooking. I poured some oil in the pan, let it heat, next came hing, jeera and onions with green chillies. I was waiting for the onions to turn their patent pinkish creamish when Crazy Shopper called. She has reached New Delhi and was putting up with another friend in Greater Kailash. When the onions were all pink and pretty, I mixed bhindi in the pan and realized that the quantity of oil is not proportionate to the vegetable in the pan and then it struck me that Momsy always tells us that bhindi requires good amount of oil otherwise it doesn’t taste good. So, I poured more oil in the pan while cooking the vegetable 😀

The real twist came when it was time to make rotis after the sabzi was done. As soon as we put the very first parantha over the tava (I have no idea of the english name) the gas went out. At 10:30 in the night, there was no way we could get a filled LPG cylinder. After laughing for 5-10 minutes like idiots, and realizing that no gas means no breakfast, no lunch and no dinner, the friend told me that she would get a filled cylinder tomorrow. I said I would accompany her.

We had bhindi pyaaz with bread 😀 And it was great 😛

P.S- I know the recipes (apparently) that I post are no special or extraordinary. But I am just learning to cook and I am way way way too excited because I get to click the pictures and post them here. So, please bear with the easy to make, usual, and boring sabzi’s. 😀

The finally cooked Bhindi Pyaaz :D And it tasted good :)

The finally cooked Bhindi Pyaaz 😀 And it tasted good 🙂


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