The Last Train !!


Right now as the evening is turning into night and people are returning from their offices, mothers are thinking about what to prepare for dinner, kids are returning home from the park and some cool souls are sipping coffee doing nothing, I am travelling. I boarded the train at 2 in the afternoon and I will reach home at 12 midnight. As soon as a I left Delhi, it started raining. Yes, the rain I was waiting for so desperately after my encounter with it in Hauz Khas Village admist all the humidity in Gurgaon and the terrible heat in Delhi.

After coming to Delhi for three consecutive internships, I have realized that I like this city more than any city I have visited in this country. Earlier, I used to think the same about Mumbai, but then the public conveyance there is a drawback and also I have spent only one month as compared to the three months in Delhi. So yes I am not hesitant to say that I love Delhi.

The public conveyance of the city is far far better than any other cities I have ever been to. There are lots and lots of places to go to. And the best part is that you won’t only find good pubs or restaurants in Delhi, if you are a lover of art and music then there are so many places that might interest you, if you are a history lover, then there are scores of historic monuments and places to go to. Delhi for me is the perfect combination of a fast paced city with all the colors of history and art still preserved.

Many people do not approve of the city. Calling it unsafe and that it has turned out to be one of the most scary places for a woman to live in. I do not agree. I do not agree that the city has anything to do with the crimes that happen here. I definitely agree that the crimes that happen here or anywhere are related to the people (citizens) of this country, And a woman will find the same lot molesting, abusing shamelessly on the roads, trying to touch you at inappropriate places etc etc anywhere very easily in any (read: every) part of the nation. As if blaming the government and the western culture was not enough, we have started blaming the whole city.

This is the last internship of my 5 year B.A. LL (Hons.) course (read : hopefully). The next time I would only need to intern in case I do not get placed. As, I am quite positive about getting placed *rolling eyes*, I wish and pray I once get to live and work in Delhi.

For this city has quenched my thirst for food like no other place. You get yummy and spicy momos at such affordable prices. The mouth watering chaats or the cold coffee at Sarojini’s chotu juice shops. You go to Delhi Haat and the options available to satisfy you will make your mind whirl. Keventer’s delicious milkshakes or Costa’s Veg Pesto Panini Sandwich. The Rajma Chawal of this small outlet called Sai Bhoj in Uday park and the alloo, paneer and pyaz paranthas they offered were directly sent from heaven. The awesome flavored yoghurt of mother dairy or the paneer roll of Khan Chacha. Also, how can I forget the corn and spinach sandwich of Midnight Munchies at 2 in the morning or the authentic south indian food at Naveydyam. The coolest mango kulfi at Hauz Khas Village and the most high-end chic food joints leave you wanting for more and more. The Shopping sprees make the city all the more worthy of falling in love with it.

I just hope I get to come back soon, for the city still remains unexplored and this in essence doesn’t turn out to be really my last train. 🙂




Happy 1st Anniversary :)


Well well well, here we are. One year completed and I still feel like posting on my blog. Isn’t this great? This is, for I must tell you that I am a very unstable person and a thing which might catch my interest today will as easily become a thing of the past the next day. And that I am here with you my dear blog after a whole one year makes me feel proud of myself, for this means that we might go a long way together and our romance is not over yet. 😉

So what do you want to do today? Go somewhere out and eat good food. The need for using “good food” is because right now I am living in a paying guest house in Gurgaon and I don’t really like this place. I mean it is clean and all, we  get food on time, it is by all means edible but then it is not what makes u gorge on your plate and slurp till it looks all shiny and new. 😛

Or maybe stay back and eat Britannia’s cakes and read The Glass Palace.

Or maybe watch a movie as it is a saturday and I have an off, so we both can catch up on some good movies lying all ignored in my laptop.

It is your day, so whatever you say, your wish is my command 😀

I have never pampered you, never blown kisses and never hugged you. But I must tell you this today, that whenever a life turning event takes place, whenever I feel guilty, whenever I am angry,  whenever I am upset, you are the first thing that comes to my mind. For, you know all my secrets dirty and otherwise 😉 and you have never judged me for what I was, what I am and what I am going to become in the near future. You will always be there, with the option of a New Post, or with the option of sending some mistake, ugly truth or stupid decision to the trash, editing the sad, sometimes wonderful and at other times just I don’t give a damn situations as I like and making me write about stuff I don’t want to share with anybody right now because maybe I lack the courage or maybe I am just not ready for people to know that side of me and saving it in drafts so that I can publish them when I am ready, older and wiser to take criticism and love all in the same manner.

This one year has taught me a lot like many other years, but you know I never documented them, saved and preserved them because it never felt worth it until you came along. Now, with the security that there is somebody who knows what goes on in my mind apart from me, I just wish and pray that this love between us never dies away. And we are together always and forever.

*yeah yeah go ahead and call me a lame romantic desperate woman, who got nobody so she started romancing with her blog*

I do not mind, for it never occurred to me before today, that my real love lies here in writing what I feel, in voicing what I need without the fear of being rejected or judged or frowned upon.

So what exactly this one year and the blog has taught me?

– Definitely, to care less. For people who really want to be in your life, will be there, no matter what and how.

– To have fun. To do what I like to do.

– To be more honest and say what I feel. I realized this lately.

– To start keeping oneself first.

– Realized that its good to be bad, if you felt bad after being good.

– That if you are adamant about something, people will have to respect your choice one day.

– I should start wearing more bright colors.

– That money matters and it as hell matters a lot. And no you are not an ass if you believe in the same.

– To err is human. If you have made mistakes but admitted making them, took wrong turns and came back alive, hurt people but apologized as well, and made sure that you  listen to your friends and be there for your family, you have lived decently and it was a good year.

I love this blogger side of me and I hope it never fades 🙂

Happy first Birthday to my blog and Happy first Anniversay to us 😀


Tomato Capsicum :)


Now, this is the most wonderful and easiest sabzi, one can come across. It is handy when you do not really want to cook, or you do not have any time to cook.  Also, you can always find capsicum and tomatoes everywhere and anywhere. 🙂

This gets cooked in a matter of minutes and you don’t have to stand in the kitchen and bear the heat of the gas stove.

Cut the capsicum and the tomatoes. Pour oil in the pan and add the usual asafoetida and cumin seeds when the oil gets hot. Next, add tomatoes and let them cook for like 2-3 minutes, so that the tomato juice dries up a little. After that, add the capsicum and let it cook for another 2-3 minutes. Add red chilly powder, turmeric and coriander powder. Mix thoroughly. Here, the sabzi is ready to be served.

The pretty green sabzi :D

The pretty green sabzi 😀