Letter to Dost- 3



I know you do not read my blog anymore. We both tried to make peace and be all nice and sweet to each other and we failed miserably. But, still what I fail to understand is no matter how much we fight and no matter how long we do not talk to each other, the one thing that I will always be definitely sure of is that I lost a good friend, a man who is loving, caring and a generous human being when we stopped talking.

You know I have met quite a few people when I joined this University. People I met while interning, people in my batch and some random people. It amazes me that I could never find somebody like you. Why is it dost?

This is my last year of college. And, somehow this last year is teaching me some very important lessons about human relationships. People are so stupid, they speak whatever they want to without keeping other people’s feelings in mind, some think they are very smart, some think they are above everyone and some, they are just hopeless whenever they open their mouth.

I can’t even pen down their names, as it would be playing against the rules of the game. You know you-do-not-tell-me-what-exactly-you-think-of- me game because I am supposed to behave, all calmed down and smile at their moronic faces. But, I am so glad that it is only a matter of six months and I can be back with my old friends. Friends who really care.

And now I realise that people like the ones in my University were always there when we were in school. But, somehow you always protected me. Somehow, I could never be made aware of this bacterial presence. And now when I have to deal with it single- handedly, it infuriates me to a level I can’t even imagine. I remember after I broke up with axe, when I thought that I was such a fool and so hopeless at understanding people, you told me that it is okay, first love is only a little foolishness and a lot of curiosity 😉

I still have that Tommy Hilfiger watch to buy for you. I am so glad I knew you once. I am so grateful that you are a person I define friendship in my life with. I am so lucky, I have your standards to match with when analyzing a man. I want you to be there at my Convocation. I know it is not happening until November 2014, but just in case you know 🙂 And yes, you still are irreplaceable. Will always be.



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