Letter to Dost- 4


You turned 23 on 21st of October this year. I remember how I used to tease you that I am 5 months older than you. Sometimes, I wonder if this getting older day by day is making us any wiser? What do you think?

If you ask me, I personally think that it is still a very slow process for me, both learning and letting go. I still can’t let people just tread over things, but if not learning atleast I have started acknowledging the harder way of life. I missed you on your birthday. Though I only messaged you and did not call you. I feel very nervous to call you. I don’t know why.

You remember when you came to Bhopal and it was India versus Pakistan match the same day. All the girls in my hostel were drooling over the fact that you are coming to meet me instead of watching the match. I didn’t quite understand the awww’s then. I understand them now. But then, I still don’t think that either of us will give preference to any other stuff when it comes to me for you and you for me. Why the hell would you watch a match rather than meeting me? 😮

It is just 6 more months left dost. I will be in Delhi after that. I know after bhaiya shifted to Mumbai, you do not come to Delhi that frequently. I wonder what it would be like after the college. I wonder if we can still go together and roam around the city, the way we used to do in Bhopal. I know all that is not happening. I also wonder sometimes if you still have that calendar card I made for you. I want you to know that I still have everything you gave me. The miss you cards, the birthday cards, the good luck cards, the usual cards, the friendship cards etc etc etc. I also have that rose you got for me on your last visit to Bhopal.

You know it is difficult to have that level of understanding with people, the way I had it with you. On one hand I am glad, I had it with you and nobody else. I wouldn’t have it any other way. On the other hand, I am amazed how little do I know about people I continuously interact with. It is like after college is over, it will be like I never knew these people. They never existed. But, it will never be the same with you. Right?

It has been more than a year since we had a proper conversation. I still know that you are the first person I think of if I am happy or sad. I never felt that when we stopped talking it was for good. I also never felt that you are far away from me or that I can never reach you if we do not talk. I cannot ever feel like that. I know you are here. I know you will always be. And you know that I will always be. No matter what, no matter how.

Happy Birthday bacha !! 🙂 You are my strength and everything.



A Mighty Heart !!


This is a movie released in 2007 starring Angelina Jolie and Dan Futterman. The movie is an adaptation of the memoir by the same name written by Mariane Pearl.

The movie is a story of a couple, both journalists who arrive in Karachi on an assignment. The husband works for the Wall Street Journal and the wife is a french radio journalist. The couple is expecting a baby and is very much in love. The story is about hope, truth, survival, love and doing what you believe in and standing up for it.  The story is real, the story is  captivating and the story is about one’s strength and optimism.

I think it takes people like Mariane and Daniel to prove to the world that love can be unconditional and unselfish. That being with a person who shares your courage and dreams, being with a person who believes in ethics and logic rather than religion is one of the best gifts a person can present himself or herself with.

I am desperately looking forward to reading the memoir. 🙂

Happiness is… !!


There can never be a straight jacket rule to determine happiness. It can be felt in the most silly things to the most enchanting moments. But, sometimes in the regular busy life, we forget to appreciate the people and things who make us happy and because of whom we feel safe and secure. We should always also keep on adding to this list of people and things which makes us happy.

1. Momsy Popsy

Oh yes. This is very predictable. They make me and Gappa happy. We both plan on a lot of things for them in the near future. I hope they always be the same, fighting, cooking together and waiting for both me and Gappa to open our bags when we visit home. It delights me to see their expressions when Gappa shops for them. They both are our cute little excited parents. I loved the thrill and pride in Momsy’s voice when I told her I got placed. She immediately informed more than half of the family, which very conveniently kept me on phone for three days continuously. I love them very very much and they are a reason for the smile on my face always.

2. Gappa

Another very predictable person. She makes me happy. And it just does not end here. We fight like crazy sometimes, and touch wood it is only sometimes. I believe she is one of the most forgiving people I have ever met. Though, she might get cranky once in a while, I still would not have her in any other form. She is the reason behind my strength and sanity. Sometimes, I look into her eyes and feel how beautiful she is and how lucky a man would be to have her in his life. Frankly, after Pink has decided to get married, I am a little insecure and I don’t want now Gappa to leave me. But, then I am also waiting to play with her babies.

3. Rash

How he calms me down and how I never feel embarrassed in front of him. It is like he knows all my secrets and accepts me the way I am. I am glad I met him and I am grateful to god that we have managed to be such good friends even after going through all the hustle and bustle. It would make me really happy to see him achieve whatever he desires in life. He makes me happy for the simple reason that he is there in my life.

4. Shoes

Yes, shopping for shoes is what makes me happy. You hurt me, you make me angry, and you want to make up for it, buy me shoes. I plan and wish to have a huge wardrobe for my shoes. And there is no upper limit to the number of pairs I want to own.

5. Making personalized gifts and cards

I wonder if after I start working I would ever get the time of making cards for people I adore. The last card I made was for Popsy last year. And the album i started making for Gappa’s birthday is still incomplete. Though, I plan to finish it before the college gets over.

6. Gardening

Though it has been long actually very long since the last time I have planted anything, but still I love love sowing seeds and waiting for flowers to blossom. I think I have got this from Momsy and Gappa both. The colors and smell that flowers bring in our lives is beyond any explanations.

7. Reading

Reading anything and everything. It makes me really happy to just get involved in the story of the book and forget the real world. I love imagining the faces of characters and their locations and how I believe and hope for the best things to happen to them before I move on to the next chapter. The last book I read was Bankster by Ravi Subramanium. I am waiting to read the third book in the Meluha trilogy by Amish Tripathi.

8. Blogging

Lately, it has dawned upon me that blogging does make me happy. It helps me give expression to my thoughts. Also, reading the wonderful accounts of people I have never met and being an audience to their experiences and thoughts, gives me a strange satisfaction.

Happiness comes in different shapes and sizes and has a different connotation for every single person on earth. It is funny how sometimes what you think will be the happiest moment in your life, takes so long to sink in that it’s real essence just disappears. What I have understood in the recent past is that no happy moment is really happy unless one is surrounded by the right people. This for surely means that happiness may come in the form of a news or event, but it definitely multiplies, when you are with the people who are your well-wishers.

So what makes you happy? Jot it down here. Maybe you will realize that what you were looking for to be happy is sitting just right next to you, and you were not able to acknowledge it. 🙂