A Mighty Heart !!


This is a movie released in 2007 starring Angelina Jolie and Dan Futterman. The movie is an adaptation of the memoir by the same name written by Mariane Pearl.

The movie is a story of a couple, both journalists who arrive in Karachi on an assignment. The husband works for the Wall Street Journal and the wife is a french radio journalist. The couple is expecting a baby and is very much in love. The story is about hope, truth, survival, love and doing what you believe in and standing up for it.  The story is real, the story is  captivating and the story is about one’s strength and optimism.

I think it takes people like Mariane and Daniel to prove to the world that love can be unconditional and unselfish. That being with a person who shares your courage and dreams, being with a person who believes in ethics and logic rather than religion is one of the best gifts a person can present himself or herself with.

I am desperately looking forward to reading the memoir. 🙂


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