Dreams you dream about !!


She was standing in her matrimonial house, tears rolling down her cheeks and a satisfied happy smile on her face. The kind of smile he loves on her face. Yes, that stupid grin which she always had when she was with him.

He was running towards her. Horrified and scared, feeling that this might be the last time he would ever see her.

She just had enough strength to keep standing till the time he comes and holds her. It would be alright then, in his arms away from this world, everything would be fine now, she said to herself.

As soon as he came near her, his warm breath on her face, her strength left her. She fell down, sub-consciously knowing well that he will catch her. And he did.

She saw his face, one last time, her eyes trying to see him clearly amidst tears, happiness and losing consciousness, she wanted to have a clear picture of him in her mind, after all it has been years since they last saw each other. She was trying hard to keep her eyes open.

She always regretted that trip, they didn’t take when they could and the things she didn’t say to him when it was still time. She wanted to grow old with him, ask thousands of questions everyday and fight with him. Both of them never knew why they fell apart? They both didn’t want it to end and an end like this was never on the list.

There were small wrinkles near his eyes now. If they had been together, she would have definitely teased him about getting old before her. After all he was three years older than her, she remembers him correcting her, it is two and a half he would say, shrugging off his shoulders. And yet after all this time, he had the same kind of love in his eyes for her, the kind of that she could always feel, absorb and experience when they were in college together.

He was saying something, but she couldn’t hear it, couldn’t make out the sound of it. She was looking at his lips, moving and was thankful to god that he finally came to her. That, after years of waiting, crying, missing him, feeling hurt and pitying, he was here on the day she is leaving. She could see tears rolling down his eyes too, her inner angels were smiling at the fact that he still cared. He was hyperventilating. Calling her name, shouting for help, abusing her husband and trying to make the sense of all of it.

She didn’t want him to be terrified. Why was he? She was here, he was here. Isn’t what they have always wanted? To be together. She wanted him to just look at her, hold her and maybe one last time kiss her. Such a drama queen she had always been. And slowly, she closed her eyes, relieved that she was on the safest place on earth, in his arms. She left. Smiling, happy, relieved that her faith in love was finally restored.


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