Another new year has arrived. So, what does this year has to offer? Let me see a job (the first job) to join, a new city to settle down in, new people, new experiences, goodbye to the college of 5 years and greetings to a wonderful and exciting (I am assuming this) life.

The last year taught me lessons in learning to let go of people, behaving maturely and keeping a calm mind. I have also learnt a few other lessons (about myself) which I am going to (try to) always remember and apply whenever and if the need arises.

I have learnt that you should never let people behave the way they want to with you by virtue of the place they hold in your life. In other words, if they can’t earn it, you don’t need to pay for it.

I have learnt that you should never be with people who are sentimental fools. Never be around people who’s rationale keeps on committing suicide.

I have learnt that cooking may not be therapeutic for me. But, it is surely fun. Also, it helps you keep your stomach full which is very imperative.

I have learnt that as we grow up, we should very cautiously choose our friends. It is okay to be friends with a person who doesn’t value your friendship, when you are six. But, it is not okay when you are 23 going on 24. I believe that your friends are your introduction, and I have also heard that first impression is the last impression. So choose wisely and you will not have to suffer through it.

I have learnt that if you are patient and somehow manage to have a strong will power, nobody can take away from you that which you deserve.

I have learnt that maintaining long hair requires hard work. A lot of it actually.

I have learnt that maybe I won’t be able to do routine. Maybe, I am not going to follow the college, job and marriage sequence.

I have learnt that I need to read a lot more and travel far more than that.

I have learnt that I don’t want to fall (or rise) in love. I want to kiss a lot of guys, dance with them, roam around and get back safely to my room. I over estimated myself when I thought I am person who believes in love. I don’t. Very clearly I don’t.

I have learnt that over thinking costs you a lot. You should just follow your heart every time and it is going to be alright.

And, I have learnt to believe that if you still have the chance to make things right, to be with the person you want to, to do something which brings a smile to your parents face then you probably should. Second chances are rare, and not everybody is lucky enough to grab them.

I hope 2014 teaches me new (positive) lessons. Yes, because I have also learnt to know that experiences are invaluable. And, if they don’t per se make you a good person, they will definitely make your life better than what it was yesterday.

Happy New Year fellas !! 🙂


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