Letter to Dost- 5


When we were still at school, I remember I was the connecting link between Pink and another one of my close friends (you know who). It was because of me that they ‘tolerated’ each other. Though, they never liked each other but since each one of them was important to me, they had the patience of enjoying each other’s company.

This was long back. They do not even talk to each other now. In fact, the other friend didn’t even attend Pink’s wedding, which was the first wedding to happen in our group. But, still I am sure of the fact that they have never spoken ill of each other.

I feel back then, friendships were unadulterated. They were real, more understanding of the other person’s situation. When today, I sit and count the number of people I can call or depend upon, I only have one name, yours. I know no matter what, no matter how and no matter from where, I know you are just a message away. You will come leaving everything behind, and maybe because of having somebody like you in my life, I feel I have a very colorful and pretty picture of friendship in my mind.

You know I have met people who have great expectations from me. Can you imagine that? One wanted me to consider her as a very close friend though I have known her only for sometime. She even went ahead in her love for me and copied one of the letters I wrote to you because she had a problem that I don’t write about her on my blog proving to me that she has great respect for a person’s privacy and that she is the coolest shallow person I would ever know. And don’t even get me started on others.

Talking about expectations dost, what kind of expectations we have from each other? I mean do we even have any? I don’t remember. What I remember is you being a constant support throughout my drop year. Your trust in me that I will definitely make it to the college of my choice and will land with a job before passing out. We had shared dreams, hopes, values and most importantly, trusted each other. But, I do not remember us pushing or forcing each other to do or not to do something because of our own personal beliefs.

And because of all this, today I am writing to you to tell you that please go ahead and build your dream business the way you want it to. Do not get upset as things go wrong every now and then, and if they don’t you will never learn to face a crisis. You are a strong and determined person. Above all you are realistic. A businessman needs to be one.

I believe in your capabilities and I believe that whatever it is that you feel needs to be done for the growth and improvement of the business, nobody else can plan it better than you. You have nurtured the dream of taking it forward from a very long time. I am sure dost, because I know you will make right decisions and you will even retreat as and when required. You strongly hold onto your ideas but you have the patience to listen and accept the other person’s opinion as well. I believe in you, in your dreams please don’t stop believing in yourself, after all we still have that restaurant to open 🙂

Love and lots of good wishes 🙂


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