To The One Last Time….


I have 11 more days left for my college to end. I won’t say that it was an amazing journey or (maybe I haven’t realized it yet that it was indeed an amazing journey), but it was good.

Good enough to make me feel nostalgic that I won’t be back on this campus in the coming session. That sometime from now, my life will not involve dragging myself to class every morning (many times without bathing) as I used to get up 15 minutes before the class, but it will involve me to get up at 7, bathe, eat breakfast (never did in college), and go to office and do a 9 to 7 job. It won’t involve studying at last minute for the exams, but a perfect preparation of the case I am handling. It won’t involve not eating lunch but going to the canteen for maggie et al, but it will involve me to have lunch silently in a corner of the office pantry. It won’t involve celebrating birthdays at 12 midnight, but it will involve phone calls lasting 5-10 minutes, wishing birthday and no cutting (smudging) cake. It won’t involve asking for money from home whenever it fancies you, but it will involve taking care of your financials and even saving some of it. It won’t involve sleeping at random time, getting up at more weirder time and talking for long hours on phone, but it will involve sleeping at the right time, getting up at the right time and no midnight long hour phone conversations. I will no longer have the facility of going to the market in the college bus on thursday’s and sunday’s. No gossiping about recent break up’s, make-up’s, make-out’s, politics 😦

My batch got it’s farewell yesterday. Farewell is the final call that we are soon to leave this place. We wear saris, eat first, are treated like VIP’s and get a title with a description and a song dedicated to every single person from the final year batch. Till last year, we were organizing farewell for our seniors and it never ever occurred to me that the day I get my farewell, I will not be elated but I will feel like a big chunk of my life is being taken away from me. I always told Rash that I won’t miss this place. Except for the time when I was with him. But, I am not that sure now. I have always been in love with my college. Certainly, I do not appreciate some people here. But, that’s a permanent problem. You meet backstabbers and foolish people everywhere. So, instead of ranting about all the bad stuff I have seen here, I will try and keep memories of everything good and worth cherishing.

I love my campus. One cannot have a more beautiful campus. I uploaded my campus pictures here.

I love my hostel too. We have single occupancy rooms from 2nd year. And we have a pretty green garden in the middle of the hostel. Living in such nice rooms for 5 years, I doubt how will I adjust to the paying guest rooms of New Delhi.

Rash. Do I need to say more? I love him and I always will. And it was possible for us to meet only because of this college.

I love all the things that I have learnt from this college. Being a law student, we are taught to look at things a lot more differently than others. This place has polished my views on a lot of things and I am glad that I chose to be a lawyer.

Friends. This is a very tricky area for me specially when I have already written about that one person who matters to me the most and who coincidentally also belongs to this college. However, I would be selfish and ignorant not to write about the three females who made my life easier in this place. I owe you ladies. You guys were supportive, loving and fun. I love you all. And not to forget my one bad ass brother whom I love and adore to no lengths.

Whatever the experiences be, five years is a very long time to not fall in love with any place. I love this college and I will always come back to this place whenever I get a chance. Every friend of mine has told me that this time is never going to come back, so make the most out of it. I tried, but I don’t know if the memories I have are enough. If I have made the right memories. Will I again be able to be in love with another place in the same manner? (Will it be cheating on the love I have for my college?). I don’t know.

But, I do know that the friends I have made here are always going to be with me. Some of them in the same city and some others at different places. This time, I in all my sanity, vow to keep the right ones in my heart always. 🙂

I am uploading the picture of the souvenir we got on our farewell yesterday night and the sari I wore.

The Sari I wore :D

The Sari I wore 😀

A diary with 5 years in brief :)

A diary with 5 years in brief on the cover 🙂 We even got a pen with our names written on it 🙂