First Day, First Job :D


I joined the Delhi office of the law firm I am working for yesterday. Day before I wasn’t so excited to join. I have no idea why? But then, yesterday after the introductory session and other sessions, I realized I have so many knowledgeable people around me and so many things to learn. The people are warm, humble and most importantly, not crazy. Yes, I mean they use logic and reason and also expect others to do the same 😀

I am happy and yes I think I am satisfied. I have lots and lots of learning to do and I think I am quite ready for it. However, I still feel like an intern while in the office. The feeling of being an Associate hasn’t dawned on me yet. But anyways, I am liking whatever I am experiencing and I am looking forward to many more good learning experiences.

So Gappa sent me this love letter before a night before I joined the office. And I love her for this and of course many more things 😛 I am copying the letter here (I hope you don’t mind it Gappa), because I just want to post it, you know. Maybe because of the magical pull of public display of affection 😀

To my little darling,

I thought I should write to you because you might get bored listening to all the good old things and I might get choked up in the process.

Love, tomorrow you start a new phase of your life,something you might have waited for through all the growing years. Sometimes would have waited even more desperately when in bad money crunch or some conditions at home.
I just want wish you all the very best in everything you do at your work starting tomorrow. May you enjoy learn and grow in the process. There will be times when the feeling of being financially independent will be overwhelming, at the other times it might make you sick. None of them will last forever. Just keep in mind work is a part of life just like eating and sleeping are and for people like us it is something that keeps the spirits up. Make sure you give it your 100% in the starting years, do not bother about the money as long as it pays your bills in the first few years. Learn and absorb as much as you can.
Now you will meet new people, intelligent, over smart, workaholics, time killers….a whole bunch of all of them. Take time to judge them and do not trust easily. I write this because it is difficult to find like minded people in offices.Try and talk to everybody. I am very bad at it, but sure you can make good conversations.  You might be lucky to get guidance from wonderful seniors and lovely colleagues, but maintain distance unless you are too sure of them. 
Take care of your health. Work might pull you to easier eating options and junk. Try to indulge less in junk and more towards healthier options. If you cant cook at all, make sure you have your fill of salads and fruits. Try a little harder to improve on taking care of yourself. Take out a little time for exercise, make exercise a schedule atleast on weekends and drink lots of water.Try to drink more water before lunch and make sure you drink 2 liters of water in office hours.
Please always be alert of your safety,make sure you leave work on time. If late try to reach straight home after work. Be careful while walking on roads, do not keep your eyes on your mobile while commuting. Please be aware of your surroundings.
Make savings a habit, I am sure you already do that but just wanted to emphasize. Take time off when you get a chance, and indulge in something that makes you happy. An art, craft, yoga, dancing, singing or reading. Shop for lovely stuff in Delhi and bring some for me too. 😛
May you have a wonderful and happy work life! 🙂
God bless you Sweetheart! All the very best! 🙂
So this mail like totally pulled it off for me. I was so happy to read it. I didn’t reply at the same time because I wanted to write patiently and when my mind was at peace.
To my everything,
I don’t get bored while listening to you. I interrupt because I know you might get choked up in the process 😀
As I said, I was not really excited about joining the office. I missed home, you, toothless and everything else. But then, I think it will get easier day by day. Strangers might become friends and all I need to have is optimism. It has just been two days of work (not really work) and I am already looking forward to the 15th August weekend so that I can come back home. Explains my state, pretty much, eh? 😛
I will. I will try and learn and absorb and remember as much as I can. Because I know this is a wonderful opportunity and I would be a total idiot to let it go waste. I promise you, that maybe it will take a little time and patience for me to get into the work mode from the student mode, but I will never ever disappoint you. I will never let yo down. 
Believe it or not, but this is the biggest lesson that college has taught me. To not trust people easily. I will not make the same mistakes again, the ones I made while in college when it came to being friends with the wrong people.
I will definitely take care of myself. After gaining 5-6 kg’s, I am far more terrified than you are. Imagine not being able to wear all your clothes only because you have stupidly and very foolishly gained weight. As soon as I shift at the right place, I will eat healthy and live healthy. Promise 😀
I am always alert. And I never keep my eyes on the cellphone while walking on the road or otherwise as well. Who told you that? I always move in the city tightly clutching my handbag and looking at every person like I can read their minds and know what their next action is going to be. In fact please do not worry about my safety. I may act foolish sometimes, but I am not one, atleast entirely 😛
Yes. I will save and then we will buy a home with a kitchen garden 😀 And you can plant all the roses, lilies, sunflowers, aloe vera et al. We will also have french windows and a terrace garden too. We will buy a new dining table and momsy’s favorite sofa set. 😀
yayayayayayay !! We are the coolest 😛
Love you.

Healthy, Wealthy and Wise !!


I went to Bangalore for a week (yes, I still call it Bangalore) and came back with a regular exercise regime. What pulled the ‘keep yourself healthy’ strings in me, I have no clue. The only reason I can think of is that I won’t be able to wear all my clothes (the slightly old ones, if I don’t lose weight). So, I downloaded a video on weight loss and as soon as I came back home, I started exercising regularly. It has been a week and I can proudly say that I haven’t faltered yet. But, every day I worry that I will today.

I have also started drinking lukewarm water empty stomach and green tea before breakfast. I hope all this helps me in losing some weight. I have to join office on the 16th of June and I am leaving for Delhi on 11th. I am not sure about exercising between 11th and 16th, since I will be staying at a friend’s place till the time I find a suitable place to shift.

I hope to continue to exercise even after joining, because i really really want to stay fit. I ignored all the weight gaining in the past 6 months and as a result I have become fat, literally. Though, I am still not sure if I can eat whatever I like, since I am exercising or if i should be on a healthy diet ?

I also hope that this year turns out to be far better than the last 6 months. I wish to be a lot healthier and far more wiser this year (if that is at all possible). As far as being wealthy goes, I am not going to be exactly rich, but I will definitely be financially independent. You know what I mean? I will do all the tax stuff, bank savings stuff, investment stuff and blah blah stuff on my own for myself. Sounds cool.

Being wise also reminds me that I graduated on 15th of May. I am a proud B.A.,LL.B (Hons.) now. As I relaxed and started thinking of vacations and new job and also that I am done with exams, my friend reminded me that the application forms for the All India Bar Examination are out and we are supposed to fill the form by 25th of June. So, here I am reading how to go about all this form filling stuff.

Anyways, staying with gappa for a week in Bangalore was fun. I got a handbag, two kurtas and a footwear apart from earrings. Except for the one time we fought, I think the trip was kind of memorable specially when now we are going to be in two different cities for most part of the year and planning a home trip together might get a little difficult.

I am waiting for the joining (though I dream of the managing partner asking me to leave the office because I am so dumb and what a huge mistake they have made by hiring me), but I am a bit restless about finding a place to stay in Delhi. The paying guests I have listed down from the internet are not satisfying me, instead they are scaring me. Why on earth is Rash born as a guy? Stupid he is. If he had been a woman, I would have forced him into finding a place with me. If I don’t find a place of my choice, it is all Rash’s fault.

I hope I manage to do whatever I have written above and bored you all fellow human beings with. Sometimes, I read my blog posts and realize that I use “I hope” a lot :-/