Healthy, Wealthy and Wise !!


I went to Bangalore for a week (yes, I still call it Bangalore) and came back with a regular exercise regime. What pulled the ‘keep yourself healthy’ strings in me, I have no clue. The only reason I can think of is that I won’t be able to wear all my clothes (the slightly old ones, if I don’t lose weight). So, I downloaded a video on weight loss and as soon as I came back home, I started exercising regularly. It has been a week and I can proudly say that I haven’t faltered yet. But, every day I worry that I will today.

I have also started drinking lukewarm water empty stomach and green tea before breakfast. I hope all this helps me in losing some weight. I have to join office on the 16th of June and I am leaving for Delhi on 11th. I am not sure about exercising between 11th and 16th, since I will be staying at a friend’s place till the time I find a suitable place to shift.

I hope to continue to exercise even after joining, because i really really want to stay fit. I ignored all the weight gaining in the past 6 months and as a result I have become fat, literally. Though, I am still not sure if I can eat whatever I like, since I am exercising or if i should be on a healthy diet ?

I also hope that this year turns out to be far better than the last 6 months. I wish to be a lot healthier and far more wiser this year (if that is at all possible). As far as being wealthy goes, I am not going to be exactly rich, but I will definitely be financially independent. You know what I mean? I will do all the tax stuff, bank savings stuff, investment stuff and blah blah stuff on my own for myself. Sounds cool.

Being wise also reminds me that I graduated on 15th of May. I am a proud B.A.,LL.B (Hons.) now. As I relaxed and started thinking of vacations and new job and also that I am done with exams, my friend reminded me that the application forms for the All India Bar Examination are out and we are supposed to fill the form by 25th of June. So, here I am reading how to go about all this form filling stuff.

Anyways, staying with gappa for a week in Bangalore was fun. I got a handbag, two kurtas and a footwear apart from earrings. Except for the one time we fought, I think the trip was kind of memorable specially when now we are going to be in two different cities for most part of the year and planning a home trip together might get a little difficult.

I am waiting for the joining (though I dream of the managing partner asking me to leave the office because I am so dumb and what a huge mistake they have made by hiring me), but I am a bit restless about finding a place to stay in Delhi. The paying guests I have listed down from the internet are not satisfying me, instead they are scaring me. Why on earth is Rash born as a guy? Stupid he is. If he had been a woman, I would have forced him into finding a place with me. If I don’t find a place of my choice, it is all Rash’s fault.

I hope I manage to do whatever I have written above and bored you all fellow human beings with. Sometimes, I read my blog posts and realize that I use “I hope” a lot :-/



10 thoughts on “Healthy, Wealthy and Wise !!

  1. Please share what exercise routine you follow SV 🙂

    Yayaya, I follow a laywer cum blogger, I will ask your legal advice when the time comes okie ( please say yes)

    I would love to read about your work days, Suits has done that to me 😀

    • I am so glad to see you back blogging and all. How is Moo? How are you? I saw her pictures. She is super cute, chotu fur ball 😀

      I am posting the youtube video link here. I found this to be amazing. Though it is meant for mothers, but I guess it is useful for everybody. Here is the link,

      Yes Yes Yes. Definitely. But, I hope it never comes to contacting a lawyer for anybody. We are bad people 😛

      hahaha, My work day involves reaching office as early as possible and trying to get out at a decent time so that I don’t have to rush through my dinner as it is already time to sleep. Suits is a little bit romanticized version of a law firm life. They don’t show much matters. You should watch The Practice, Boston Legal or Law and Order if you want more law and less of handsome men roaming around freely in sexy suits (yeah right I mean Harvey Spector). But ask me, I would prefer handsome men anyday 😀

      • When she sleeps, I am sneaking around some internet time 😉

        We both are good re, glad to see that video. It sure is inspiring. I tried to do one of the exercise, but could not finish it due to the bulging fat around my middle 😯

        I am so glued to Suits that I am rewatching the entire seasons when I get time. Harvey is so so dreamy 😀

    • Yes, I was when I started it and was doing it continuously for sometime. I did lose weight and i felt fresh all the time. Unfortunately, I stopped. And I have been trying to get back to the routine desperately. But, its definitely worth the try 🙂

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