The guilt-ridden post !!


I haven’t written in a long time. And no, not because I did not get time (which sometimes I did not), but that is not an acceptable excuse. I just got lazy and at times I was so blank that nothing came to my mind. At the job end, I think everything is so so. Not really great. And since, work takes the entire day, I hardly have any personal life left. I come back from office (with an oily face, smelling of sweat and tired like hell), have dinner and go to sleep. This is my weekday schedule. I do absolutely nothing on weekends mostly. Then, Rash told me to go out and meet people, otherwise I will turn into a lonely frustrated boring 24 year old female. I got really scared and decided that in the coming weeks I will make plans to meet every single soul I know in Delhi. I will drag my ass out of my room and actually make the effort of meeting people, talking and doing something which is like a breathe of fresh air for me.

I need to plan on investing some money soon (not because I am big on saving and stuff), but because a kind soul told me that this will help me claim returns on the exorbitant amount of income tax that we pay every month. I am a tax lawyer. And I don’t like paying taxes ๐Ÿ˜€ Also I don’t deal in direct taxation. I am telling this because otherwise I wouldn’t need a kind soul to tell me how to go about claiming returns. I am not that bad. I deal in indirect taxation, basically VAT and Service Tax. Okay now this is getting too explanatory.ย 

Anyways, so coming back to having a life outside office, I promise myself everyday that I will leave by 8 today. If not 8, then 8:30. These are the days when I successfully get out by 9:15. Other days, when I am not trying, don’t ask. One of my seniors after I newly joined asked me about my office and team and how am I liking it? I told him, I like my team and the work. I take that back. Not the work part (as long as it is VAT), I don’t like service tax. But, I really have started disliking my team. I sometimes think that having a life outside office is looked down upon in my team. They just want to sit in the office till whenever they can, joke about stupid stuff and sometimes do nothing. But, they don’t want to leave the office premises. I hate such work attitude. Even if they want to go out for dinner, they want to go together. Even trips, movies everything. It is like there is no friends or family to spend your time with. There is one female who irritates the f*** out of me. She deliberately gives me stuff late, so that I have to stay late and work. I think my team leader really needs to get married, in order to get out on time from office. Please if anybody wants to take revenge on a female (who wants to get married), refer them to me.

So this is how pathetic my office life is. If I should use “office” and “life” together. Going forward, Delhi’s weather is another pain in the ass. I mean dude, what is wrong with this city? Why can’t it just simply rain. Regular, nominal water drops from the sky is all what I am asking for. Not much, right?

Other than hating my team, Delhi (right now, not always), paying guest room and hair condition, I think I do nothing when I am free. Oh yes ! I talk to Rash. Chew his head and give it back to him so that I can again borrow and chew it. I know I know I shouldn’t sound like my work hours and team and office and the coffee in the office is the worst thing. It happens with everybody, actually most of the people. And this blog is becoming more a ranting site for me, rather than for recording my beautiful life experiences ๐Ÿ˜›

Therefore, instead of just talking about myself, I will tell you other stuff. You know all the involve the reader in the conversation thing. I went to Delhi Haat some time back and got a super gorgeous photo album for my cousin. it looks so antique and rustic that Rash and I didn’t feel like leaving it for anybody else to own it. I love going to Delhi Haat. Though it is over expensive (basically a design of Delhi Tourism to exploit ย foreigners). But the concept of having food stalls of each state is what I really like about the place. It was the first time I had Thukpa and it tasted really good. Other than the photo album the place offers a diverse variety of stuff that is difficult for one to find in Delhi at one place. The best part is that the INA metro station is just adjacent to where this place is ๐Ÿ˜€

I want to try a lot many new restaurants in the city. I want to know every bloody ingredient of every thing that is being cooked in this city (only vegetarian, but I don’t mind having knowledge of non-vegetarian food as well, because I have to take care of friends too considering what an amazing person I am). I want to sound like I know everything and brag about it ๐Ÿ˜€ The underline is I want to meet a really good looking chef whom I can have an affair with ๐Ÿ˜€

I think the footwear freak in me is dying slowly. I recently bought two footwears. And I am not sure if I am as excited as I used to be even after wearing them. I think I am getting old.ย 

That’s all folks! My old fingers are paining now. I think I should just sleep for the entire afternoon only to wake up and find that I have wasted another Saturday doing nothing again. Rash, you know I can’t keep the I will be a super social person resolution. Ta-da !! ๐Ÿ˜€