Back and forth


I have been planning to write a blog post from a very long time now. Feels like a century or so. I have become way too lazy, I should say I have become Rash like. Sometimes, he just doesn’t want to move his ass.

Anyways, so how are you people? I have been on a lot and I have decided to take matters in my hand now and deal with it more Sanity like as against Rash like.

I will (try) write a post every week now. No matter what happens, no matter if I want to sleep, no matter whatsoever. I will read posts, I will write posts and this is how it is going to be. *Nervous* *Fingers Crossed*

Winters have hit Delhi. I wear sweater to my office daily and the chilly wind in the morning after getting up and while returning from office is sending shivers down my spine. It is only November and I already can’t take it. Only god can help me during December and January.

I need to buy some woollens for myself. I am not at all prepared for the Delhi winter and I don’t want to fall sick with Gappa’s wedding preparations coming up.

Oh! I missed giving you the news. Gappa, my Gappa, the cuddly babyish face, the pretty long hair, the elder sister I so authoritatively scold, the graceful kathak dancer, the always ready to fight crackpot, the love of my life and of course the sister of my heart is getting married.

The date is set. Actually, nothing apart from the date is set. We need to shop for everything and anything. I need to show all my organisational skills that I have never showed anywhere. So people, please be kind to me and send me all the suggestions with respect to all the wedding preparations.

Woosshh !! Thinking about the wedding gives me goosebumps. I have absolutely no clue how is everything going to happen. Going further, I wrote the last post from the room of my paying guest in Delhi where I stayed for two and a half months. This post I am writing today is from the flat I have shifted to and I just now realised that this is my third month in the house I have so lovingly started calling home.

There are a lot of things that have happened recently. I attended my Convocation with Momsy. Popsy couldn’t come. I also managed to fare through the Bar Council of India’s exam and I am assuming I will soon get my registration certificate as an Advocate.

But, nothing feels different. In the mid of next month, I will complete six months in the office. My first job. My first six months. And there is nothing exciting about it.

I think I am zoning out now. It happens to me nowadays. In the middle of a client meeting or a call or a discussion or just plain reading, I simply and completely zone out. I dread the day somebody asks me something in the middle of such meetings and I will be like, “Umm I am sorry. I didn’t hear any of it. I was busy floating in a parallel world”

With the promise of a new post every week, I will take your leave now 😀


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