The Gobbledygook !!


I am 24. Going to be 25 in six months or so.

A small interjection : While working on one of my drafts soon after I joined, I typed “sex” instead of “six” and submitted the same to a senior šŸ˜® So every time somebody uses the six, all I am reminded of is sex :-/ Shit happens.

Coming back to turning 25 soon. I think I am at a good place in life now. I am happy, I do as I like and most of all I am with people I wish to be. I might shift with Mani next year when her college gets over. That ways I would get to live with a person of my choice.

Mostly, people consider their college or school days as best. Something they would get back to if given a choice. I don’t think so. I think this life with a job in hand and a control over your life is what I would call the best for me. I still have the people I would want to be with in college. So, no worries with respect to that. A job might come with responsibilities, sometimes it annoys you, sometimes it just tires you out. But, isn’t it similar to having a relationship. Whatever issues it comes with, it still offers stability, certainty and a sweet reliability (not the dependent kind of).

Recently, the Dean of Graduate Admissions of the New York University visited our firm for a presentation on the various LLM programs they offer. He told us about the NYU culture, the courses, the fee structure, the scholarships etc. I made up my mind to apply for an LLM in International Taxation some three-four years down the line. But, the fees is a whopping 35 lakhs (and mind you this is just the tuition fees). And, getting a scholarship is no easy job. I realized this is too expensive a degree to be brought back home. And anyways, I wanted to go to New York because of the obsession I have with Carrie Bradshaw and Sex and the City. What If I can’t go to NYU, but I can definitely go to New York šŸ˜€

Such silly obsessions we have. Now, I must warn you this is an extremely silly, no topic post. I am just typing whatever is coming to my mind. Oh yes! Did I tell you, the Dean was cute and tall šŸ˜€ I don’t have any good looking guys in office. Most of them are married or not good looking or both šŸ˜¦

I have asked Rash to get over with this judiciary exam business as early as possible. We have so many preparations to make for Gappa’s wedding. And look at him, he is studying šŸ˜® I don’t like it a bit.

I was watching Devil wears Prada (yet again) yesterday, and I realized people make such amazing efforts to dress up. I don’t even want to shower and look at the women in this city, they look so chic all the time. I feel like a nomad in front of them. And, then I expect some attention from the opposite gender. Sometimes, I am in awe of a woman’s pretty face, and that being a woman myself, what would happen to men in such situations?

I feel very positive nowadays. I don’t even feel like doing evil stuff to anybody. I think I am settling down, sort of calming down and melting in slowly. I am liking this phase of my life. I just hope it is here to stay. Because I have too many plans for too many people and I would prefer to be in this happy state to execute the same.

Oh! By the way, I totally forgot. Gorgeous had a baby boy in March this year. He is just perfect. I call him toothless šŸ˜€ He is the prettiest baby I have ever seen and he makes me want to have babies too. But, Rash says I am going too fast and that he doesn’t like such changes in me. He liked the baby hater in me. But, toothless is so cute, I feel like gobbling him up. He has these perfect doe eyes, and when he smiles there is twinkle in his eyes and his cheeks turn all warm and red. In short, I love him.

Do you know where to get reasonably priced over coats from in Delhi? Please let me know. I know I know my whole point of writing this post was to ask you guys this question. Selfish. Bad. terrible. But I need it and I don’t want to spend a lot of money.

Will meet you guys next week. See ya till then. Have an amazing week šŸ˜€


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