The week(s) that went by !!


My promise to write every week went into a hole. I know I know. No more excuses. Just that it is very cold in Delhi and I am not a fan of winters. But, that’s not an excuse, I am just saying.

We celebrated Rash’s birthday on the weekend before Christmas. It was good. Quite good. I am glad he liked all the gifts that I got for him. We went to this amazing place called Rodeo in CP.

I started reading this book called ‘The Book Thief by Markus Zusak.’ It’s depressing, but then you don’t really feel sad. It makes you curious. I borrowed the book from the library of the firm I work for. I didn’t want to invest money in a bad book. But, now after going through some part of it, I will definitely buy it.

By the way, I totally forgot. Happy New Year folks 😀 I hope this year brings a lot more happiness in your lives.

Recently, I was going through the pictures from college. And I couldn’t believe that I was there when those pictures were clicked. Like I was a part of the moment. All of it seems to be a part of the past that existed a long time back. Though it has only been six months since the college got over. The pictures no doubt bring a smile on my face. I am glad and relieved that the experience that I had in college with people I trusted the most hasn’t really left a scar and I can still smile and look back at the pictures with happiness.

I am getting addicted to this online shopping forums. I plan one month in advance as to what I want next. I save the same in my wishlist and keep on monitoring the price. Gosh !! I never shopped like a maniac before (but that’s also because I never spent unnecessarily in college). Now, it has become a routine. This is not at all healthy.

Today, after an intense discussion at home with something related to Gappa, I realised that my parents are so understanding. You know I have always believed that me and Momsy are opposite polls when it comes to having an opinion about something. They love us so so much that they accept things like it is nothing. It is like they are determined to see us happy. I am not even sure how to put it in words. It is just that I am equally amazed and proud that I was born to Momsy and Popsy and no other parents in the world.

There are times when I feel very empty. There is this vacuum in my life. It’s not like I am unhappy or anything. But, I always feel as if I am missing something. And I don’t understand what it is. It typically used to happen when Rash wasn’t available. But, now I know that it no longer happens because of his absence. There is some other reason. And I can’t figure it out.

There is this guy in my office, I have a mini crush on. But, that’s the end of the story. My office has a strict no dating policy. Weird. Anyhow, nothing was anyways going to happen. I sometimes think I do not fulfill the objective of writing a blog. I sort of more blabber than write. I guess my writing is blabbering. People write so beautifully. I write only, no I only blabber.

But, I guess it’s okay. Too cold it is to write anything meaningful. My brain is stuck. I still managed to wash my bedsheet today 😀 I always somehow manage to wash clothes. No matter what. Sometimes the only thing I am worried about is washing clothes.

Anyways, good night people !! 🙂 Have a happy sunday 🙂