Amritsar and much more :)


A lot of things happened this year. I went on my first all girl’s trip to Amritsar 🙂

I found the Wagah border ceremony a little over-rated. The beauty of golden temple is beyond words. I loved it so much that I don’t mind going back to Amritsar only to visit the golden temple again. Not every religious place fills you with peace and happiness about everything that life has to offer. It is a must visit.

My next trip is Jim Corbett on the first weekend of November. I hope it is not disappointing. December brings a trip to home, Bhopal and Bangalore 🙂

I have realized that it is actually fun to have one trip to a near by place in a month. If that is not possible atleast you should get out once in three months or something. It is not tiring at all, in fact in my case I keep on counting the days for the next trip.

Traveling is something I have never taken up. It is something I always thought requires you to convince people, prepare a budget that suits everyone and then book the tickets (also reaching there is not so important as coming back :P). But with a bunch of friends who are eager to travel, are fine with decent stay away rooms and like exploring the place in every way you can, you should never miss the opportunity of making a plan.

I am sure everybody is prepping up for the festivities to come. Dusshera is just a few days away. Then it would be Diwali and then Christmas 😀 I am happy that these three months have a lot on offer. Specially, things I am eagerly looking forward to. I am crazily excited about giving Momsy and Popsy their respective gifts for Diwali. Also, its Popsy’s birthday in the same month. His first gift would be delivered this week. And then, gifts for Gappa and Abhi when I am in Bangalore. Momsy and Popsy’s faces light up like that of a kid when you surprise them with something they aren’t expecting. I love that expression. That is the primary reason I love shopping for them.

I was in Bhopal recently. I am happy to have the same feelings for the place even when my stint with that place is over in every manner whatsoever. I love the city. The greenery. The lakes. The peace. I love being with my masi. She is adorable 🙂

I hope everybody has a fun and safe Diwali 😀 Let us try and not kill whatever little is left with us in the name of nature.