For are you a strong person?


It is a highly idiotic attention seeking post. Please do not read it. And I mean it.

I wonder when do you qualify to be considered as a strong person?
1. When you stop caring about what other people think or believe about you?
2. When you no longer feel the itch of calling the person you are in love with?
3. When you stop working/delivering because it doesn’t matter what your boss or his boss thinks or perceives about you?
4. When you do not know if the current organization will kick you out, but you still have the guts to dream of buying a house?
5. When you are unable to concentrate on updating your CV, because of no reason whatsoever, so that in case you are kicked out, you can start applying to new places?
6. When you stop worrying about the fact that an action or certain words might hurt somebody?
7. When you are almost 27, and have zero investments?
8. When you know that it is for the best that you stay alone, away from everybody so that most of the things mentioned above do not occur?

I know my life’s issues are nothing in front of millions of people who struggle for a lot of things every second of every day. I also know that I am as always ranting. But, I feel so done with a number of things in my everyday routine that I just can’t help but put this idiotic post up here.

The only interesting thing that has happened to me in the last few days, is that I have received a warning by my ex internet service provider that if I do not pay up their dues, they will send a legal notice to me. I was so bored that I told them please do. Be my guest.

PS – Do not and do not if you love your money and time, take internet connection from Tikona Digital Networks.

I hope you have a good day ahead !!