All about new struggle(s) – 2


I have been working with the law firm I got placed with via the campus placement cell in college. It has been two years since I joined this place and no doubt I have learned a lot here. However, I also know that I can do much more to improve my performance in office but somehow the motivation to do the same and the zeal to establish myself amongst my peers is lost somewhere. Mostly because I was recruited to work in the indirect tax practice of the firm and I knew nothing about it before joining the place. And the difficulty I faced in the first six months of joining to understand the subject and grab a hold of it shook my confidence and killed the eagerness to learn this new subject.

After two years and one promotion later, I am in a position where most of my peers have left the organization and are working in other law firms at of course a far better pay. Before the annual appraisal this year, I was also of the opinion that once the promotion list is declared, I will start pushing out my CV. However, I have certain doubts in my mind as to why should I switch? So, I just thought I will list down the pros and cons of this place and the pros and cons of shifting from here. This will help me decide if I Should stick for another year in this place or not.

Pros of working at the current place of work:
1. Lot to learn
2. Good and helpful people
3. Friends
4. Amazing principal partner
5. No deadline pressure
6. Decent pay
7. People think that it is the best place to be after GST is introduced.

Cons of working at the current place of work:
1. Much less remuneration as compared to other places (is not enough if I plan to buy a house)
2. No growth and learning in terms of acquiring knowledge in different areas of indirect tax
3. Stuck with the same team same boss
4. Uncooperative boss
5. Boss has confidence and leadership issues which percolate down to the junior most person in the team.
6. Come on time and leave only after 7, even if there is no work.

Pros of shifting to a new organization:
1. Good remuneration
2. Other firms have one team for indirect tax and every member gets to do everything. So no monotony in terms of learning and growth.
3. If there is no work people leave early and come late.
4. People are more chilled.
5. Most friends have already left.
6. I will learn to work efficiently as there are not many levels between the partner and the associate in tax teams of other organizations.
7. It is wrong to assume that people in other places are not knowledgeable enough to deal with GST.
8. Get rid of the current boss.

Cons of shifting to a new organization:
1. People may not be as good and as helpful as the people in the current place of work
2. It would be difficult to do work in the initial phase as I am not aware of other areas of indirect taxes except one.
3. Deadlines are sacred in other places

Well, so this is it I suppose. I have jotted down whatever I could think of. I will keep editing this post as and when I come across any other point. Technically, the number of pros for shifting suggests I should. But I will think some more and then decide.


All about the new struggle(s)


So, on the 14th of June I received a call from Momsy (and she never calls during the day) that Popsy met with an accident while on his way to work and he has fractured his right leg. I thought and thanked god that it was only a fracture and nothing serious. I left for home the same day and reached around midnight. Dost came to pick me up, he dropped me to the hospital and there I saw my Popsy on the bed with a fractured leg and a critical but not so critical cut on his ankle.
We stayed in the hospital for four days and in the meanwhile Gappa and I consulted other doctors as to the requirement of inserting a rod in Popsy’s leg because the attending doctor in my hometown was of the opinion that the fracture does not need any rod business to be performed.

However, all the doctors with whom we consulted after looking at the X-ray opined that this fracture needs a rod. So we finally decided we will go for it and with Momsy and Popsy I came to Baroda for the surgery after talking to the orthopedic doctor over the phone. This orthopedic doctor also turned out to be really good looking also. I am writing this down just so I do not miss out on any kind of information.

So the surgery took place the very next day of our arrival and thereafter the only thing to be kept under observation was the cut on the ankle. It has been more than a month since the accident happened and the ankle cut has healed a lot. The fracture in the bone has also started healing and the only complication that remains is the plastic surgery that was performed on the fractured leg. My Popsy has a skin problem called eczema because of which the skin just above the fracture turned black and needed to be replaced by a flap. The eczema results in a slower blood supply in the veins and this is why the recovery is a little slow.

But I am sure he will be up on his feet in two month’s time. Playing with the kids in the building and doing all the chores normally. We are still in Baroda and are expecting to get discharged in the middle of August. I hope everything goes fine and we are back home as soon as possible without any worries.