The week(s) that went by !!


My promise to write every week went into a hole. I know I know. No more excuses. Just that it is very cold in Delhi and I am not a fan of winters. But, that’s not an excuse, I am just saying.

We celebrated Rash’s birthday on the weekend before Christmas. It was good. Quite good. I am glad he liked all the gifts that I got for him. We went to this amazing place called Rodeo in CP.

I started reading this book called ‘The Book Thief by Markus Zusak.’ It’s depressing, but then you don’t really feel sad. It makes you curious. I borrowed the book from the library of the firm I work for. I didn’t want to invest money in a bad book. But, now after going through some part of it, I will definitely buy it.

By the way, I totally forgot. Happy New Year folks 😀 I hope this year brings a lot more happiness in your lives.

Recently, I was going through the pictures from college. And I couldn’t believe that I was there when those pictures were clicked. Like I was a part of the moment. All of it seems to be a part of the past that existed a long time back. Though it has only been six months since the college got over. The pictures no doubt bring a smile on my face. I am glad and relieved that the experience that I had in college with people I trusted the most hasn’t really left a scar and I can still smile and look back at the pictures with happiness.

I am getting addicted to this online shopping forums. I plan one month in advance as to what I want next. I save the same in my wishlist and keep on monitoring the price. Gosh !! I never shopped like a maniac before (but that’s also because I never spent unnecessarily in college). Now, it has become a routine. This is not at all healthy.

Today, after an intense discussion at home with something related to Gappa, I realised that my parents are so understanding. You know I have always believed that me and Momsy are opposite polls when it comes to having an opinion about something. They love us so so much that they accept things like it is nothing. It is like they are determined to see us happy. I am not even sure how to put it in words. It is just that I am equally amazed and proud that I was born to Momsy and Popsy and no other parents in the world.

There are times when I feel very empty. There is this vacuum in my life. It’s not like I am unhappy or anything. But, I always feel as if I am missing something. And I don’t understand what it is. It typically used to happen when Rash wasn’t available. But, now I know that it no longer happens because of his absence. There is some other reason. And I can’t figure it out.

There is this guy in my office, I have a mini crush on. But, that’s the end of the story. My office has a strict no dating policy. Weird. Anyhow, nothing was anyways going to happen. I sometimes think I do not fulfill the objective of writing a blog. I sort of more blabber than write. I guess my writing is blabbering. People write so beautifully. I write only, no I only blabber.

But, I guess it’s okay. Too cold it is to write anything meaningful. My brain is stuck. I still managed to wash my bedsheet today 😀 I always somehow manage to wash clothes. No matter what. Sometimes the only thing I am worried about is washing clothes.

Anyways, good night people !! 🙂 Have a happy sunday 🙂



The Gobbledygook !!


I am 24. Going to be 25 in six months or so.

A small interjection : While working on one of my drafts soon after I joined, I typed “sex” instead of “six” and submitted the same to a senior 😮 So every time somebody uses the six, all I am reminded of is sex :-/ Shit happens.

Coming back to turning 25 soon. I think I am at a good place in life now. I am happy, I do as I like and most of all I am with people I wish to be. I might shift with Mani next year when her college gets over. That ways I would get to live with a person of my choice.

Mostly, people consider their college or school days as best. Something they would get back to if given a choice. I don’t think so. I think this life with a job in hand and a control over your life is what I would call the best for me. I still have the people I would want to be with in college. So, no worries with respect to that. A job might come with responsibilities, sometimes it annoys you, sometimes it just tires you out. But, isn’t it similar to having a relationship. Whatever issues it comes with, it still offers stability, certainty and a sweet reliability (not the dependent kind of).

Recently, the Dean of Graduate Admissions of the New York University visited our firm for a presentation on the various LLM programs they offer. He told us about the NYU culture, the courses, the fee structure, the scholarships etc. I made up my mind to apply for an LLM in International Taxation some three-four years down the line. But, the fees is a whopping 35 lakhs (and mind you this is just the tuition fees). And, getting a scholarship is no easy job. I realized this is too expensive a degree to be brought back home. And anyways, I wanted to go to New York because of the obsession I have with Carrie Bradshaw and Sex and the City. What If I can’t go to NYU, but I can definitely go to New York 😀

Such silly obsessions we have. Now, I must warn you this is an extremely silly, no topic post. I am just typing whatever is coming to my mind. Oh yes! Did I tell you, the Dean was cute and tall 😀 I don’t have any good looking guys in office. Most of them are married or not good looking or both 😦

I have asked Rash to get over with this judiciary exam business as early as possible. We have so many preparations to make for Gappa’s wedding. And look at him, he is studying 😮 I don’t like it a bit.

I was watching Devil wears Prada (yet again) yesterday, and I realized people make such amazing efforts to dress up. I don’t even want to shower and look at the women in this city, they look so chic all the time. I feel like a nomad in front of them. And, then I expect some attention from the opposite gender. Sometimes, I am in awe of a woman’s pretty face, and that being a woman myself, what would happen to men in such situations?

I feel very positive nowadays. I don’t even feel like doing evil stuff to anybody. I think I am settling down, sort of calming down and melting in slowly. I am liking this phase of my life. I just hope it is here to stay. Because I have too many plans for too many people and I would prefer to be in this happy state to execute the same.

Oh! By the way, I totally forgot. Gorgeous had a baby boy in March this year. He is just perfect. I call him toothless 😀 He is the prettiest baby I have ever seen and he makes me want to have babies too. But, Rash says I am going too fast and that he doesn’t like such changes in me. He liked the baby hater in me. But, toothless is so cute, I feel like gobbling him up. He has these perfect doe eyes, and when he smiles there is twinkle in his eyes and his cheeks turn all warm and red. In short, I love him.

Do you know where to get reasonably priced over coats from in Delhi? Please let me know. I know I know my whole point of writing this post was to ask you guys this question. Selfish. Bad. terrible. But I need it and I don’t want to spend a lot of money.

Will meet you guys next week. See ya till then. Have an amazing week 😀

The guilt-ridden post !!


I haven’t written in a long time. And no, not because I did not get time (which sometimes I did not), but that is not an acceptable excuse. I just got lazy and at times I was so blank that nothing came to my mind. At the job end, I think everything is so so. Not really great. And since, work takes the entire day, I hardly have any personal life left. I come back from office (with an oily face, smelling of sweat and tired like hell), have dinner and go to sleep. This is my weekday schedule. I do absolutely nothing on weekends mostly. Then, Rash told me to go out and meet people, otherwise I will turn into a lonely frustrated boring 24 year old female. I got really scared and decided that in the coming weeks I will make plans to meet every single soul I know in Delhi. I will drag my ass out of my room and actually make the effort of meeting people, talking and doing something which is like a breathe of fresh air for me.

I need to plan on investing some money soon (not because I am big on saving and stuff), but because a kind soul told me that this will help me claim returns on the exorbitant amount of income tax that we pay every month. I am a tax lawyer. And I don’t like paying taxes 😀 Also I don’t deal in direct taxation. I am telling this because otherwise I wouldn’t need a kind soul to tell me how to go about claiming returns. I am not that bad. I deal in indirect taxation, basically VAT and Service Tax. Okay now this is getting too explanatory. 

Anyways, so coming back to having a life outside office, I promise myself everyday that I will leave by 8 today. If not 8, then 8:30. These are the days when I successfully get out by 9:15. Other days, when I am not trying, don’t ask. One of my seniors after I newly joined asked me about my office and team and how am I liking it? I told him, I like my team and the work. I take that back. Not the work part (as long as it is VAT), I don’t like service tax. But, I really have started disliking my team. I sometimes think that having a life outside office is looked down upon in my team. They just want to sit in the office till whenever they can, joke about stupid stuff and sometimes do nothing. But, they don’t want to leave the office premises. I hate such work attitude. Even if they want to go out for dinner, they want to go together. Even trips, movies everything. It is like there is no friends or family to spend your time with. There is one female who irritates the f*** out of me. She deliberately gives me stuff late, so that I have to stay late and work. I think my team leader really needs to get married, in order to get out on time from office. Please if anybody wants to take revenge on a female (who wants to get married), refer them to me.

So this is how pathetic my office life is. If I should use “office” and “life” together. Going forward, Delhi’s weather is another pain in the ass. I mean dude, what is wrong with this city? Why can’t it just simply rain. Regular, nominal water drops from the sky is all what I am asking for. Not much, right?

Other than hating my team, Delhi (right now, not always), paying guest room and hair condition, I think I do nothing when I am free. Oh yes ! I talk to Rash. Chew his head and give it back to him so that I can again borrow and chew it. I know I know I shouldn’t sound like my work hours and team and office and the coffee in the office is the worst thing. It happens with everybody, actually most of the people. And this blog is becoming more a ranting site for me, rather than for recording my beautiful life experiences 😛

Therefore, instead of just talking about myself, I will tell you other stuff. You know all the involve the reader in the conversation thing. I went to Delhi Haat some time back and got a super gorgeous photo album for my cousin. it looks so antique and rustic that Rash and I didn’t feel like leaving it for anybody else to own it. I love going to Delhi Haat. Though it is over expensive (basically a design of Delhi Tourism to exploit  foreigners). But the concept of having food stalls of each state is what I really like about the place. It was the first time I had Thukpa and it tasted really good. Other than the photo album the place offers a diverse variety of stuff that is difficult for one to find in Delhi at one place. The best part is that the INA metro station is just adjacent to where this place is 😀

I want to try a lot many new restaurants in the city. I want to know every bloody ingredient of every thing that is being cooked in this city (only vegetarian, but I don’t mind having knowledge of non-vegetarian food as well, because I have to take care of friends too considering what an amazing person I am). I want to sound like I know everything and brag about it 😀 The underline is I want to meet a really good looking chef whom I can have an affair with 😀

I think the footwear freak in me is dying slowly. I recently bought two footwears. And I am not sure if I am as excited as I used to be even after wearing them. I think I am getting old. 

That’s all folks! My old fingers are paining now. I think I should just sleep for the entire afternoon only to wake up and find that I have wasted another Saturday doing nothing again. Rash, you know I can’t keep the I will be a super social person resolution. Ta-da !! 😀





Healthy, Wealthy and Wise !!


I went to Bangalore for a week (yes, I still call it Bangalore) and came back with a regular exercise regime. What pulled the ‘keep yourself healthy’ strings in me, I have no clue. The only reason I can think of is that I won’t be able to wear all my clothes (the slightly old ones, if I don’t lose weight). So, I downloaded a video on weight loss and as soon as I came back home, I started exercising regularly. It has been a week and I can proudly say that I haven’t faltered yet. But, every day I worry that I will today.

I have also started drinking lukewarm water empty stomach and green tea before breakfast. I hope all this helps me in losing some weight. I have to join office on the 16th of June and I am leaving for Delhi on 11th. I am not sure about exercising between 11th and 16th, since I will be staying at a friend’s place till the time I find a suitable place to shift.

I hope to continue to exercise even after joining, because i really really want to stay fit. I ignored all the weight gaining in the past 6 months and as a result I have become fat, literally. Though, I am still not sure if I can eat whatever I like, since I am exercising or if i should be on a healthy diet ?

I also hope that this year turns out to be far better than the last 6 months. I wish to be a lot healthier and far more wiser this year (if that is at all possible). As far as being wealthy goes, I am not going to be exactly rich, but I will definitely be financially independent. You know what I mean? I will do all the tax stuff, bank savings stuff, investment stuff and blah blah stuff on my own for myself. Sounds cool.

Being wise also reminds me that I graduated on 15th of May. I am a proud B.A.,LL.B (Hons.) now. As I relaxed and started thinking of vacations and new job and also that I am done with exams, my friend reminded me that the application forms for the All India Bar Examination are out and we are supposed to fill the form by 25th of June. So, here I am reading how to go about all this form filling stuff.

Anyways, staying with gappa for a week in Bangalore was fun. I got a handbag, two kurtas and a footwear apart from earrings. Except for the one time we fought, I think the trip was kind of memorable specially when now we are going to be in two different cities for most part of the year and planning a home trip together might get a little difficult.

I am waiting for the joining (though I dream of the managing partner asking me to leave the office because I am so dumb and what a huge mistake they have made by hiring me), but I am a bit restless about finding a place to stay in Delhi. The paying guests I have listed down from the internet are not satisfying me, instead they are scaring me. Why on earth is Rash born as a guy? Stupid he is. If he had been a woman, I would have forced him into finding a place with me. If I don’t find a place of my choice, it is all Rash’s fault.

I hope I manage to do whatever I have written above and bored you all fellow human beings with. Sometimes, I read my blog posts and realize that I use “I hope” a lot :-/


Dreams you dream about !!


She was standing in her matrimonial house, tears rolling down her cheeks and a satisfied happy smile on her face. The kind of smile he loves on her face. Yes, that stupid grin which she always had when she was with him.

He was running towards her. Horrified and scared, feeling that this might be the last time he would ever see her.

She just had enough strength to keep standing till the time he comes and holds her. It would be alright then, in his arms away from this world, everything would be fine now, she said to herself.

As soon as he came near her, his warm breath on her face, her strength left her. She fell down, sub-consciously knowing well that he will catch her. And he did.

She saw his face, one last time, her eyes trying to see him clearly amidst tears, happiness and losing consciousness, she wanted to have a clear picture of him in her mind, after all it has been years since they last saw each other. She was trying hard to keep her eyes open.

She always regretted that trip, they didn’t take when they could and the things she didn’t say to him when it was still time. She wanted to grow old with him, ask thousands of questions everyday and fight with him. Both of them never knew why they fell apart? They both didn’t want it to end and an end like this was never on the list.

There were small wrinkles near his eyes now. If they had been together, she would have definitely teased him about getting old before her. After all he was three years older than her, she remembers him correcting her, it is two and a half he would say, shrugging off his shoulders. And yet after all this time, he had the same kind of love in his eyes for her, the kind of that she could always feel, absorb and experience when they were in college together.

He was saying something, but she couldn’t hear it, couldn’t make out the sound of it. She was looking at his lips, moving and was thankful to god that he finally came to her. That, after years of waiting, crying, missing him, feeling hurt and pitying, he was here on the day she is leaving. She could see tears rolling down his eyes too, her inner angels were smiling at the fact that he still cared. He was hyperventilating. Calling her name, shouting for help, abusing her husband and trying to make the sense of all of it.

She didn’t want him to be terrified. Why was he? She was here, he was here. Isn’t what they have always wanted? To be together. She wanted him to just look at her, hold her and maybe one last time kiss her. Such a drama queen she had always been. And slowly, she closed her eyes, relieved that she was on the safest place on earth, in his arms. She left. Smiling, happy, relieved that her faith in love was finally restored.

The Last Train !!


Right now as the evening is turning into night and people are returning from their offices, mothers are thinking about what to prepare for dinner, kids are returning home from the park and some cool souls are sipping coffee doing nothing, I am travelling. I boarded the train at 2 in the afternoon and I will reach home at 12 midnight. As soon as a I left Delhi, it started raining. Yes, the rain I was waiting for so desperately after my encounter with it in Hauz Khas Village admist all the humidity in Gurgaon and the terrible heat in Delhi.

After coming to Delhi for three consecutive internships, I have realized that I like this city more than any city I have visited in this country. Earlier, I used to think the same about Mumbai, but then the public conveyance there is a drawback and also I have spent only one month as compared to the three months in Delhi. So yes I am not hesitant to say that I love Delhi.

The public conveyance of the city is far far better than any other cities I have ever been to. There are lots and lots of places to go to. And the best part is that you won’t only find good pubs or restaurants in Delhi, if you are a lover of art and music then there are so many places that might interest you, if you are a history lover, then there are scores of historic monuments and places to go to. Delhi for me is the perfect combination of a fast paced city with all the colors of history and art still preserved.

Many people do not approve of the city. Calling it unsafe and that it has turned out to be one of the most scary places for a woman to live in. I do not agree. I do not agree that the city has anything to do with the crimes that happen here. I definitely agree that the crimes that happen here or anywhere are related to the people (citizens) of this country, And a woman will find the same lot molesting, abusing shamelessly on the roads, trying to touch you at inappropriate places etc etc anywhere very easily in any (read: every) part of the nation. As if blaming the government and the western culture was not enough, we have started blaming the whole city.

This is the last internship of my 5 year B.A. LL (Hons.) course (read : hopefully). The next time I would only need to intern in case I do not get placed. As, I am quite positive about getting placed *rolling eyes*, I wish and pray I once get to live and work in Delhi.

For this city has quenched my thirst for food like no other place. You get yummy and spicy momos at such affordable prices. The mouth watering chaats or the cold coffee at Sarojini’s chotu juice shops. You go to Delhi Haat and the options available to satisfy you will make your mind whirl. Keventer’s delicious milkshakes or Costa’s Veg Pesto Panini Sandwich. The Rajma Chawal of this small outlet called Sai Bhoj in Uday park and the alloo, paneer and pyaz paranthas they offered were directly sent from heaven. The awesome flavored yoghurt of mother dairy or the paneer roll of Khan Chacha. Also, how can I forget the corn and spinach sandwich of Midnight Munchies at 2 in the morning or the authentic south indian food at Naveydyam. The coolest mango kulfi at Hauz Khas Village and the most high-end chic food joints leave you wanting for more and more. The Shopping sprees make the city all the more worthy of falling in love with it.

I just hope I get to come back soon, for the city still remains unexplored and this in essence doesn’t turn out to be really my last train. 🙂



What to write about??


I have been searching for a decent topic to write upon for a week now. I couldn’t find any. I log into my wordpress account, read other blogs and log out. Until tonight, I realized I created the blog to write whatever is going on in my mind, life and heart. I need not think about ‘decent’ stuff to pen it down. I can write ridiculous stuff if that unloads me from stress.  So here is a list of events going on and around me for sometime now.

Pink got engaged earlier this year to her boyfriend. She will get married on 25th November, 2013. I am very happy for her. But, somewhere I don’t want her to be married. What will I do without her? She is with me from L.K.G. And now suddenly she is off to live with someone else. And I haven’t even met her boyfriend. Just saw his pictures on facebook. He has a big joint family. I know Pink doesn’t mind because she herself has been living in a joint family and she believes that such issues are not really big if you want to live with the guy whom you are in love with. I will do a detailed post on her shopping, and other paraphernalia later.

Rash and I have stopped talking to each other. The way he made it sound, I am quite sure he was serious and meant it. My relationship with him pushes me to think about how after a certain point of time, you change for the people you once believed you are never going to live without. Why and how do you decide that you do not want that person to be in your life anymore? Where do you get that self-control from everytime you feel like talking, sharing, crying or just joking? I have no clue. Guess, I am strong enough to do that. I will never be that strong.

Crazy Shopper is one chuppa rustum. I sometimes just love the way she handles herself emotionally. I can never do that. If something happens, I turn into a total cry baby. I have no clue what made her take those decisions, but I want to let her know that whatever happens I will always be with her, supporting her, loving her, caring for her and never judging her. That’s what friends are for? Hai na !!

I want to study. I just can’t. I hate the fact that even my 4th year is going to end in another 2 months. Time flies. No, it actually competes with light in matters of speed. I never believed that I will make life long friends in college. But I am lucky to have found some. I eat with them, sleep with them, cry in front of them and share with them. My existence in college is surrounded and settled around them. God knows what would I do without them. Phew!!

I want to go to sunburn. I have never been to crazy places before. I have never ever been inside a pub (okay only once!!). But, I want to do crazy stuff now. I have always been too alert and cautious. I want to leave my comfort zone and experiment with different things in life. For example, I don’t drink. Forget getting high. Not that it is something very smart to do, but I don’t think never doing it is also very smart. I think I need to loosen up a bit. But, yes all this only after placements end positively for me.

I love the poems written by Pseudomonaz. I wish even I could write like her. They touch the right places and memories.

The way Gappa and her boyfriend have carried it through. I can never imagine having so adorable a relationship. *Anti-jinx*.

I guess I have figured out what I want to do after I pass out of the college. I know plans might not work the way you want to, but then what is the harm in keeping a frame of to do list in your mind. I want to adopt a girl child before I turn 29. I don’t know why the figure. And yes, it might be even before I get married. Which in India, is going to kill the chances of marriage altogether. I don’t really care. I know my family would support me as thy have always been there. However, I think the adoption laws have again been amended. I am not really sure what the law now says, but it has restricted single people opting for adoptions.

Okay enough of ranting and nonsensical talks for the day. Bear with me 😛