Band Baja Bride :)

Pink's Wedding Post :)

Pink’s Wedding Post 🙂

Some time back I blogged about my best friend aka Pink (hereinafter the bride)  getting married. You can read the post here.

I was very excited and looking forward to attending her marriage from over two months. But, now when I look back the 3 days with her passed in a blur. I didn’t even realise and it was time for me to board the train again, this time however leaving her back.

Day 1

Me (on the left) and Pink (on the right, wearing pink) on our way to Jodhpur

Me (on the left) and Pink (on the right, wearing pink) on our way to Jodhpur.

I never knew that the wedding would be so much fun. I have enjoyed my  cousins marriage before, but Pink’s marriage was far more enjoyable. I left from  Bhopal for my hometown on 22nd after getting done with my exams. Next day,  in the wee hours of the morning, I reached the railway station to board the train  with Pink and her family for Jodhpur. We were 170 people, with everybody  either eating, laughing, sleeping or running behind kids during the entire        journey. We reached Jodhpur on the night of 23rd and went to our respective      rooms to freshen up. I was sharing the room with three of her college friends.

The resort was a wonderful and cool place. It was adjacent to lake Kailana and  is designed like a palace. The corridors were beautiful and the view from the  bride’s room was magnificent. After changing and freshening up, all the friends  and cousins of the bride got in our room and made a plan to get the groom in  with us too. Two of the friends went up to the floor where her in-laws were  staying and got back with the groom. The smile on the bride’s face was so pretty  on seeing her soon to be hubby, I was awestruck for a second. She was at first  hesitant and shy to sit next to him. On the pretext of clicking pictures, I made  her sit next to the groom.

The view of the lake from the Bride's room :)

The view of the lake from the Bride’s room.

After a whole lot of stupid and double meaning jokes, everybody departed to call it a night. However, five of us, me, Pink and three of her friends stayed up all night and talked about everything from how her first night is going to be to our old school and college days.

After a lot of convincing and forcing, the bride agreed to sit next to the groom :)

After a lot of convincing and forcing, the bride agreed to sit next to the groom 🙂

The Haldi Ceremony, traditionally called Pitthi

The Haldi Ceremony, traditionally called Pitthi.

Day 2

Next day in the morning, I got dressed at around 7:30 and went looking for the bride in her suite. She was getting ready for her pitthi (haldi ceremony) and wore a pretty yellow and pink saree. One of her friends and I did her hair and make up and clicked her pictures as we knew that after the ceremony starts we won’t get hold of her.

The ceremony started with the bride’s mother doing the honours. One by one women surrounded her and put haldi on her face starting with her feet first, then knees, then shoulders, next forehead and then face. This sequence is supposed to be followed by every person putting the haldi with crossed hands. I was the last one to do the same as I wanted to play more of holi and didn’t really care about the old ladies staring at me for doing the same. After the ceremony got over, I clicked some more of her haldi clad face pictures and she went to take a bath.

The Dora Palada Ceremony get up

The Dora Palada Ceremony get up.

Doli with the reception lehanga wrapped around a doll

Doli with the reception lehanga wrapped around a doll.

The next ceremony after pitthi was  dora palada (where the in-laws give  you stuff for you  to wear on the  wedding day and other  paraphernalia).  She changed into a  new blue and  yellow heavy saree and  again one of  her friends and I did her  make up and  hair. She was  supposed  to sit in  between all the ladies on the  in-laws  side and they laid out the gifts  beautifully packed in front of her. Her  wedding lehanga came in a beautifully  wrapped  doll sitting in a doli. She  bought her reception outfit from Zari,  Jaipur. After, receiving  gifts from her  in-laws side she got in her room with  us as frantically removed her  jewellery as we were late by 2 hours for the parlor visit to deck up for sangeet. She ran  down three floors with a saree so loosely worn I felt it would come down anytime. I was  running behind her in heels carrying her stuff and trying to keep pace with her.

The Sangeet Lehanga.

The Sangeet  lehanga

She was terribly tensed that the parlor lady will take a revenge on her by doing a terrible make up since she was so late. I couldn’t help but smile at her innocent looks when she said she wants to look her best on these two days. I told her she won’t have to compromise on anything. I will talk to the parlor lady. After we reached the parlor, I helped her change and she sat down for getting her hair and make up done. By the time, she was ready I too have changed in a white and dark purple colored silk lehanga. The bride looked amazingly pretty. She wore a pink and orange gota patti lehanga which she bought from Delhi.



We reached the resort on  time and the groom and the  bride walked together to the  place where  the sangeet ceremony was  organised. Both the families  performed on so many songs  and everybody from the age  of 6 to 60 danced. The bride  danced on Kailash Kher’s  Coke Studio piya ghar and Baalika Vadhu’s mahre hiwada. In the  end we again got some pictures clicked and sat down for dinner  with the bride and the groom. The groom became the victim of    salty fruit cream and was made to gulp down the entire bowl  without water. I was glad Pink was the bride.

Me with the Bride :)

Me with the Bride 🙂

Day 3

The next day there were no functions from the bride side, but she was supposed to sit with the groom in his mayara (where the groom’s uncle gives him gifts). The bride wore a yellow poshak (the traditional wear of the Rajput women in Rajasthan) and was looking absolutely stunning. The sitting area for lunch on the morning of the Reception is specially designed for the guests to sit and have their food instead of the regular buffet. The bride and groom also sit in the same area and have lunch together. If you have ever been to Rajasthan or even those Nakhrali dhani places in your city, you would definitely know how much you are made to eat by the hosts. In traditional language it is called Manwaar karna.

Morning of the Wedding

Morning of the Wedding

I finished having my lunch, and ran to  the bride’s room to take out her  wedding lehanga and jewellery so that  we can leave for parlor as soon as she is  done with the lunch. After lunch, she  again came running to the room, threw  open her jewellery, panicking at the  thought of not getting ready on time as  her phere were scheduled at 5 PM and it was already 3:30 and we  haven’t even left for the parlor. We were in such a hurry that there  was no time for me to pick my dress for the evening to change at the  parlor and thus, after a lot of hushing and running we sat in the car  and left for the parlor.

Almost ready Bride. Last moment touch up.

Almost ready Bride. Last moment touch up.

There she changed into her wedding outfit and sat down for make up and hair. I, in the meantime had nothing to do. So, I stared blankly and curiously at every other bride in the room taking out mental notes what kind of dresses we would be buying for Gappa’s wedding and what we should strictly not do. I also learnt that if you are the bride, then you should beforehand decide on how you want your hair to be done instead of leaving it on the parlor women. Anyways, so after staring at everybody in the room for an hour or so, I got up and started taking pictures of the bride in progress. In between staring and taking pictures and talking to her, I was continuously receiving calls from the bride’s father, brother, brother-in-law and I-don’t-know-who to get back as soon as possible because we were already late by an hour for the phere and the groom has reached with the baraat of course. I asked the parlor female to hurry up and after the bride was ready, I dialed everybody’s number to send a car for the bride for 20 minutes and nobody was ready to do the same. Apparently, everybody just got busy and decided to proceed with the wedding without the bride.  After a lot of dialing, scolding and shouting, a car was sent and we reached the resort at around 7:15. Only 15 minutes were left for the mohrat to end. Anyways, she was taken to the mandap and I ran towards my room to get ready.

Just Married :)

Just Married 🙂

Shaadi ke phere (going round and round)

Shaadi ke phere (going round and round)

Me Me Me :)

Me Me Me 🙂

One of the bride’s friends helped me get  ready as fast as I can. I reached  the mandap by 8:00 and more than half  of the rituals were already done with. I  wanted to click pictures from a very close angle, but couldn’t do so because all the four sides of the mandap were surrounded by people. I somehow managed to click a few. After everything was done, the bride and groom were taken back to their rooms and were brought back after 10 minutes or so after which they ascended their throne on the stage. The friends on the other hand, started exploring the food section. All of us sat down on a table, and ordered everything our dear bride had on the menu for her wedding. We ate like hippos and also laughed like them, for I remember people staring at us with disgusted eyes.

After the crowd was clear and only family members were left, we went onto the stage to get group pictures clicked. After the bride-groom lone photoshoot, they got down and proceeded for dinner. The best part was that after every function, she could sit down with us and have fun. People generally say that one does not get time to enjoy one’s own wedding. This was not at all true for Pink. She had lots and lots of fun, got time to sit down with friends and even got sloshed the night before the wedding to her heart’s content. And the most amazing part was that even the groom was with us 🙂

Chatting away all night after the wedding reception :)

Chatting away all night after the wedding reception 🙂

After the dinner, we all changed into comfy clothes and sat down  in a room with the bride and the groom joining us, remembering  everybody and everything we all have come across together as  friends. Everybody was glad that they attended the wedding for  who knows after this we all will be able to meet or not.  The vidaai was scheduled at 4 in the morning. Nobody realised and  it was 4AM. The bride got up to go to her room and change. We also  packed our stuff as everybody was supposed to leave for the  railway station at 5. She cried and made us cry as well 😦

However, these were memories worth a lifetime. Witnessing your  best friend getting married made me realize that we are reaching  the age where we don’t know what lies ahead of us, the future is  totally and absolutely unpredictable. After school, we knew we will  be going to college. During college, we knew we want to go for a job  or anything else. But, what after we get what all we have planned for? I guess this age which we are living now, is the scariest of all.

I hope Pink enjoys her married life as much as she believes in enjoying everything that comes her way. I wish her all the happiness in the world, everything that god can afford and everything she desires 🙂


Diwali 2013,This and That !!


So, unlike last year, this year I went home for Diwali. This was the last diwali of college life. I made Rangoli on 2nd and 3rd both days. It turned out to be okay looking. It turns out to be pretty and colorful when Gappa makes it. Momsy made a so many sweets, I was always full. In fact I couldn’t taste two or three dishes because I over ate.

I also met some close family friends and Pink. She showed me all the stuff she bought for her wedding. Unfortunately, I couldn’t see her reception lehanga. My salwar suits for her wedding also got stitched and are ready. Only the lehanga remains to be done. I hope it is done on time. I will do a separate post on the wedding.

The most important news is I got a phone this diwali. From the past 4 years or more, I am using Nokia 1650. Momsy and Popsy bought me Samsung Galaxy Core. I am so happy. It is amazing. 🙂 I no longer have to wait for people to email me the  pictures. I can click pictures of whatever I come across and send it to Rash, Gappa, Pink 😀

I finished reading Room by Emma Donoghue. It is depressing on some levels yet captivating. After reading the book, I realized the importance of living freely, of not being restricted and breathing without any fear. Right now, I am reading The Affair by Lee Child. It is his latest book and has some inputs from his first book. The book is interesting and is very well-written, I am yet to complete it.

Is there any solution to weight gain? I am bloating like anything. I want to look slim and fit at Pink’s wedding, but I will look like the map of Australia, flabs everywhere. 😦

I will upload the pictures of diwali, rangoli, the new and the old phone etc etc soon. 🙂

I hope you guys had an awesome and safe diwali. 🙂

Happiness is… !!


There can never be a straight jacket rule to determine happiness. It can be felt in the most silly things to the most enchanting moments. But, sometimes in the regular busy life, we forget to appreciate the people and things who make us happy and because of whom we feel safe and secure. We should always also keep on adding to this list of people and things which makes us happy.

1. Momsy Popsy

Oh yes. This is very predictable. They make me and Gappa happy. We both plan on a lot of things for them in the near future. I hope they always be the same, fighting, cooking together and waiting for both me and Gappa to open our bags when we visit home. It delights me to see their expressions when Gappa shops for them. They both are our cute little excited parents. I loved the thrill and pride in Momsy’s voice when I told her I got placed. She immediately informed more than half of the family, which very conveniently kept me on phone for three days continuously. I love them very very much and they are a reason for the smile on my face always.

2. Gappa

Another very predictable person. She makes me happy. And it just does not end here. We fight like crazy sometimes, and touch wood it is only sometimes. I believe she is one of the most forgiving people I have ever met. Though, she might get cranky once in a while, I still would not have her in any other form. She is the reason behind my strength and sanity. Sometimes, I look into her eyes and feel how beautiful she is and how lucky a man would be to have her in his life. Frankly, after Pink has decided to get married, I am a little insecure and I don’t want now Gappa to leave me. But, then I am also waiting to play with her babies.

3. Rash

How he calms me down and how I never feel embarrassed in front of him. It is like he knows all my secrets and accepts me the way I am. I am glad I met him and I am grateful to god that we have managed to be such good friends even after going through all the hustle and bustle. It would make me really happy to see him achieve whatever he desires in life. He makes me happy for the simple reason that he is there in my life.

4. Shoes

Yes, shopping for shoes is what makes me happy. You hurt me, you make me angry, and you want to make up for it, buy me shoes. I plan and wish to have a huge wardrobe for my shoes. And there is no upper limit to the number of pairs I want to own.

5. Making personalized gifts and cards

I wonder if after I start working I would ever get the time of making cards for people I adore. The last card I made was for Popsy last year. And the album i started making for Gappa’s birthday is still incomplete. Though, I plan to finish it before the college gets over.

6. Gardening

Though it has been long actually very long since the last time I have planted anything, but still I love love sowing seeds and waiting for flowers to blossom. I think I have got this from Momsy and Gappa both. The colors and smell that flowers bring in our lives is beyond any explanations.

7. Reading

Reading anything and everything. It makes me really happy to just get involved in the story of the book and forget the real world. I love imagining the faces of characters and their locations and how I believe and hope for the best things to happen to them before I move on to the next chapter. The last book I read was Bankster by Ravi Subramanium. I am waiting to read the third book in the Meluha trilogy by Amish Tripathi.

8. Blogging

Lately, it has dawned upon me that blogging does make me happy. It helps me give expression to my thoughts. Also, reading the wonderful accounts of people I have never met and being an audience to their experiences and thoughts, gives me a strange satisfaction.

Happiness comes in different shapes and sizes and has a different connotation for every single person on earth. It is funny how sometimes what you think will be the happiest moment in your life, takes so long to sink in that it’s real essence just disappears. What I have understood in the recent past is that no happy moment is really happy unless one is surrounded by the right people. This for surely means that happiness may come in the form of a news or event, but it definitely multiplies, when you are with the people who are your well-wishers.

So what makes you happy? Jot it down here. Maybe you will realize that what you were looking for to be happy is sitting just right next to you, and you were not able to acknowledge it. 🙂

Are you??


Are you? Seriously? I still have issues with digesting this news. Although, it has been around 6 months. But, I still can’t believe that you are getting married.

Isn’t this even something more than OH MY GOD !! 😮

This news needs a jaw-dropping, china breaking and high pitched screaming on my part and some what the fuck are you doing, this is not that big a news and calm down you will scare everybody around look from you. When did you grow up to get married and take care of somebody else’s life and family? Personally, I never thought either of us is capable of doing that. Truthfully, this is just a lame reason. The underlining point is that I don’t want you to get married.

How can you leave me alone? I am just 23. Who am I going to talk to when I have to vent out all the frustration over anything and everything? Who am I going to tell that I like this and that guy? Who am I going to call crying, that I want to come back  home to you? With whom am I going to remember the days at school when we used to share our tiffin boxes and tell each other what we want for lunch the next day? I have learned to share and not give a damn from you. I love the way you have handled situations which we were not expected to at our age. You are a strong headed, multi- talented female. You have done what ever you have always wanted to and still you have always been around friends and family. I remember baking the pineapple cake in your kitchen and how beautifully terrible it turned out to be. But, how lovingly we finished it in one go even when it was still hot 🙂 I remember you falling off from your bike in the middle of the market and hurting a poor guy. I remember both of us practicing for that dance performance in school. I remember you arranging for our outfits. I remember travelling in train with you. I remember your nani’s place. I remember that you used to eat gooseberry while classes were going on in school and you always had one in the pocket of our school uniform. I remember you copying from my history paper, attempting geography first so that I can finish writing history answers for you. I remember you telling me that you hate studying and asking me if it is that important? I remember telling you that doing what you love is important, education is just ancillary. I remember admiring you for your paintings. I remember you always looking pretty and chic. I remember you taking care of your father’s business and going out to strange cities all alone in order to select pieces and get materials. You make me so proud.

The guy you are getting married to, I hear he is good 😛 He better be. I would come after his life otherwise. I know you will be a lovely and smart wife to your husband and an amazing daughter-in-law, but in fulfilling all your roles, I want you to remember certain things. Things which do not look at first to be very important, but if you have a friend like me who still somewhere wishes that your marriage is postponed for another year or two (yes I want that, and I feel no shame in admitting the same) you must read the following golden words very carefully.

– After you get married, most of the things in your life changes including people. I know you cannot help it. And you shouldn’t be worried about it either. But I want you to remember, that you are allowed to not inform me about a moment of happiness, but never ever forget to tell me something which is worrying you. And you know you can come and talk to me about everything, I don’t have to mention this.

– Please lead a romantic and passionate married life. I am sure you know the meaning of both the words 😉 Have a great sex life 😀 I know you will kill me for saying this out loud.

– Ditch your dear husband once in a while and come and live with me. Where ever I would be. I have no clue as of now. I have exclusive holiday plans for both of us, but before I could execute them, you decided to get married. And since I cannot change or cancel my plans, I am hoping that you will oblige me 🙂

– Visit places with the love of your life that you couldn’t visit before. I know you have Andaman on the top of your list. Also, go to places you wouldn’t think of frequenting and do things you wouldn’t dare to normally. Yes, I mean those strip clubs, burlesque performances and getting drunk like anything and thrown out of the bar.

– Do not worry about the future. Be happy with your present life. Also, do not worry about uncle and aunty, I will always be there. You can count on me 🙂

– Also, love your new family and husband but do not lose yourself and your identity for the sake of some century old tradition. Promise me you will still paint, dance and you will still be yourself even when it is not liked or appreciated. The fear of adjusting in a new home and family should not be dealt with in the form of compromising. Adjustment is always a two way process. It has to be mutual. And, it can never be just expected out of the one who is new.

– As it is marriage generally happens only once in our society ;), I would suggest you to make the most out of it. Shop for whatever you want, wear what you want. You have a right to change your decided outfit at the last moment. You have every right to throw tantrums and act crazy. If you want to wear red, then go for it, I know you will look beautiful. And red is the color of the bride. Let people say what ever they want to.

I have always imagined you and gappa getting married (not to each other of course). Why then when it is happening, I am not really liking it? You and I go a long way back, it is like around 18 years or something, you are an inseparable part of my life.  I hope the bond we share, the love we have garnered and the patience we have for each other does not diminish with time. We have entered the age, where we are supposed to be responsible. I hope this being responsible does not take away from us the fantastic part of our relationship. I hope when ever you fear something, or have doubts you will count upon me like you have always.

I also wish and pray that you have a wonderful married life. I hope you and your sweetheart make pretty babies (baby girl please !! ) and I am sure you have a blissful and incredible life ahead of you. Not that you were any less awesome with me, but then I have a big heart and you as spontaneous you are, I don’t have much choice but to let your fiance marry you 🙂

P.S.- The female who is going to walk down the aisle, is Pink 🙂

Diwali Alone


This the first time, in the history of my being alive that I am all alone on diwali. Yes, I didn’t go home and I am staying back at the hostel for four days straight. Also, the cherry on the cake is that I am all alone in my cluster as well. Everybody has left for their respective places to celebrate diwali.

Since, I am all alone and it might get depressing if I think of being alone every next second, I have decided I won’t think about it. I mean it is not that I won’t feel it. Thinking or no thinking doesn’t really makes any difference. But, today was day one of the four day hostel alone conquest and I am quite happy and content about the whole day. I woke up in the morning, cleaned my room, bathed and STUDIED (only after watching four back to back episodes of Sex and the The City). But, still I studied and only after completing or say getting bored of studying, I realized I have completed the portion I planned to complete today. Isn’t that great? 🙂

Actually, the feeling of being alone is not that bad. Since, I like being alone. No, I am not saying that just because I am alone right now. I genuinely like to be alone.

Momsy and Popsy left for Udaipur yesterday and that is why I couldn’t go home this time. Gappa is in Bangalore. Well, now that I am staying back at college for diwali, I initially thought I would go out and see how it is celebrated in the college/hostel. But, now I don’t really entertain the idea anymore. I guess on the night of diwali as well, I will be in my bed watching some movie and eating mess food. By the way, I beforehand collected movies from friends for the coming four days so that I can watch movies and not get bored.

Anyways wishing all of you a very happy and prosperous Diwali. I wish all of your dreams come true and Goddess Lakshmi may always keep your pockets full. Have fun and be safe !!

Mere tumhare Sabke liye Happy Diwali 😀


Home :)



1. is the place where you can roam around wearing no pants, half pants or daddy’s pants.

2. is the place you can look ugly and still feel beautiful.

3. is the place where you get to eat your favorite food. It is the place where Momsy would wait for you to get up in the morning so that you two can have breakfast together even if she is badly hungry.

4. is the place where Popsy brings samosas, pani puri and bread vada, just to spend time with you. At times he would even keep my scooty all ready with tank full because I will come home and use it. He usually doesn’t cook, but will make awesome alloo paranthas for you.

5. You can call Popsy when he is in office and tell him that Momsy is scolding you and he will listen to you with such patience and even offer some help. You can call him and tell him Bhuk lagi hai, jaldi ghar aao and he will be there for you with you to have lunch.

6. is the hub of memories. You take out those old albums and look at them again and again, while Momsy tells you the story behind each click.

7. is the place where you will get as much to spend as you want to without being questioned.

8. Everytime you ask your Mom, how do you look in that particular hairstyle or dress, and she will tell you that you look beautiful, whatever you wear.

9. is the place where Momsy and Popsy (who do not really go out usually) would get ready in an instant to take you out for eating that awesome bhel or to explore that handicraft exhibition or to simply visit the nearby temple.

10. The afternoon snacks with Momsy and the way she tells you all that is going in her mind. Her worries, her concerns, how she wants gappa and my marriage to happen, what will she wear, who is she going to invite, what did she win in her recent party with friends, how other aunties cheat and win. Oh, mumma how I love you !!

There are no second thoughts about the saying that the ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned. I still have one year to complete my college studies. I so want it to end. I want to spend as much time as I can with Momsy and Popsy. I feel guilty every time I leave home, I am 22 and I should be taking care of them. Everytime they sound confused about something, everytime they think twice before spending somewhere I feel so incapable, so undeserving of their love. I so want them to enjoy their life to the fullest, go on tours, buy things they couldn’t because they wanted to save for our education. I promise you Momsy, and I promise you Popsy, just one more year and those worry lines on your forehead, will never appear again.

Love you forever !!

people who matter (Part 2)


This post is a continuation of the earlier post. Read it here . This earlier post was a small introduction of my family. This post is an introduction of my second family, my friends. Till now, I have met a lot of people. However, I am not in touch with most of them. College has definitely taught me how to determine if the person whom you call your friend is really your friend.

Meet the fraannddzzz 🙂
Friends I can call or visit at anytime of the year.
Friends I believe will always be there for me.
Friends who have witnessed my life as it unfurled.
Friends who will be there to attend my wedding,
Friends who have seen me fall in love,
Friends who have helped me survive a heart break.

Rash 🙂

He is one person I cannot live without. I have to tell him every single detail of my day. He is my guide. He is someone whom I trust blindly. He is one of the few nice guys I have ever met in my life. I love the way when he tells me some incident and acts it out. He is not exactly romantic, but I am very sure the woman to marry him would be really lucky. He has hot eyes. He is a die hard fan of Natalie Portman. He is very hard working, but only when his ass is on fire. Otherwise, he is as lazy as a crocodile. He loves being in hibernation mode. He is always suggesting me to read non-romantic and well-written in other words hi-fi novels. After knowing each other for almost two years now, he still thinks I am a kid. I tell him he has grown old. He also encouraged me to start blogging, and I am very sure is the lone follower and reader of the blog. He looks really cute when he is clueless about something happening around him. The best thing about him is that he really respects relationships. And, as for me I really respect him. I wish him all the success, I wish he ditches his wife and comes trekking with me, I wish he doesn’t get bald very early.

Pink 🙂

She is one tall female. Trust me, she is tall, pretty and very homely. She loves inviting me for gorging on food whenever I am at home for something new she tried her hand at. She is innocent, laughs at her own jokes, doesn’t feel bad even when you shout at her (her brother does that, not me) and loves making plans for small small family get together’s. She is also very religious. She has always fought for herself and her beliefs (while living in the middle of a very orthodox family). We are together from L.K.G, although she changed her school after tenth standard. But, distance never came between us. We share everything, from the stories of the  first boyfriend to the first kiss to every gossip we can get our hands on.   With her being my side, my journey from being a teenager to a woman has always been pleasant. She is quite expressive about what she feels about the other person. She hated my ex and told him the same on his face.  I wish she has a wonderful life where she doesn’t have to fight for what she deserve. I so want to shop for her wedding. I want her to look the most beautiful.

Dost 🙂

We are not in contact anymore, but this isn’t a reason enough to remove him from the list of people I consider very important in my life. He is my best friend. He is someone I have always been dependent upon. He very much completes me. The person who knows me inside out. He is one person who can understand my silence and understand the reason behind my smile, he could make out that I am worried just by listening to my voice, I miss him. I love him and he would always be a very integral part of my life. He always has this cute little kid smile on his face. He finishes one novel in like one year, he is a die hard fan of Malaika Arora Khan (I don’t understand why). I used to sing on phone while talking to him and he listened patiently. He completes me and now when we don’t talk anymore, I feel this gap, a sinking feeling almost everyday. I just loved the way he waited for my birthday. I loved making cards for him. He is a very brilliant businessman. I wish all his future business plans come out successfully, I wish he earns lots and loads of money.

Mani 🙂

She has chubby cheeks, big eyes and an all time smiling face. We met during a crash course for our law school entrance exam and instantly became friends. We used to study together and I used to finish the garlic pickle she got from home. I still have the lovely card she gave me on my birthday. I hate the fact that we hail from different cities and can’t manage to meet very frequently. She is very innocent, hard-working and a very pessimist female. She gets stressed over small small things. I am really happy that she got into the University, she wanted to pursue her law studies from. Congratulations darling! I am waiting to meet you and go shopping with you. The last time we shopped together was May, 2008. I wish you become a sexy advocate, I wish to see you get married to the fair and handsome guy you dream of and I wish that distance never comes between us.

Gorgeous 🙂

She has got big Indian eyes. Everything about her is Indian from dressing to moral values. She is simple, energetic and always up for something or the other. I am telling you everybody should have a person like her in their life. She is a patient and kind sweetheart.. I wish her life to be a little different from what it is now. She keeps family above everything else and knows how to love unconditionally. She worries too much sometimes which affects her health. A very practical and straight forward person, she gets bored very easily. The best part about her is the way she understands what I want say even when Iam struggling with the right words and never judges people. I attended her wedding and she looked breathtakingly beautiful. She loves flowers. She also loves kids. Every baby just loves to sleep in her lap. I usually forget her birthday and she never complains.  How I wish I could stay longer with her. I wish her a blissful life, I wish she gets everything that god can afford, I wish her fun holidays, romantic evenings and many many babies.