The Liebster Award :D


Princessbutter conferrred this award on my blog.ย Though I am guilty of infrequent posts, I still try and put a post here and there in a month or so. However, putting aside the regret, let me concentrate on what the Liebster Award has in store for me. It basically requires some rules to be followed, which are :


A. Thank the blogger who gives it to you.
B. Answer the eleven questions he/she asks.
C. Nominate eleven bloggers with less than 500 followers. [I will follow Princessbutter for this rule]
D. Ask these eleven bloggers eleven questions.
E. Let these bloggers know that I have nominated them.

So here it goes, step by step, rule by rule:

I am amazed that she remembers my blog and listed it in the 11 blogs for this award. I am a fan of her writing skills and mostly her choices and thoughts which she without any fear puts up daringly on her blog, be it anything. In some ways, I wish I can be like her. I am very excited and grateful that she considered my blog worthy enough for this award (or any award for that matter). Thank you so much. I will try and put up as witty and as funny a post as is possible for my awkward sense of humor to frame ๐Ÿ˜›

The 11 questions which are required to be answered are here:

1. What is the significance behind your blog name/title and the name you have chosen(if) for yourself.

This is my first blog which was created out of sheer boredom during an internship. I wanted a very different name and I came up with a rather ridiculous name. After sometime, I decided I should change my earlier blog name and put something nice and simple for people to remember. So, I came up with the name Sanity Vows. It is partly inspired by the experiences I had when I met a few insensible and immature people and their mean decisions which hurt other people. That is when I decided I will always in all my consciousness use my conscience while interacting with other beings on earth and thus the vow to remain sane ๐Ÿ˜€

2. What inspired you to start blogging?

My sister. The sole and only reason. She is a reason behind a lot of things I learnt in my life and inculcated as habits. I started reading books regularly, elocution, writing blog, dancing et al. I owe it all to her ๐Ÿ˜€

3. In your list of pictures, how many are selfies? ๐Ÿ˜€

Very few. The truth is I can’t take a seflie ๐Ÿ˜ฆ (embarrassed). Trust me, I tried and tried, but my face looks bloated and my already bloated nose looks like it is going to burst in a selfie. I don’t have a selfie face. Though I do have 2 or 3 decent pictures clicked as selfies, but the credit for the same goes to my cousin who is very good at it.

4. Name a place in India and one abroad that you really would want to visit or re-visit.

I am 24. And I have a very minimal travelling experience except for my internships which were mainly concentrated to Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. Apart from these I have been to Dehradun (again for internship) and once I went on a south India trip with parents, but then I was very young. So one place I would want to visit in India is Leh Ladakh. It looks too pure and serene and not to forget clean in pictures. I want I want. And there are many more interesting places like these.

And one place I would want to visit outside India, Oh lord ! How do one choose? It is the entire world. Therefore, I will make a smart choice and be selective since I neither have money nor company ๐Ÿ˜› There is one article I read which lists down 33 must visit places from around the world. If I get to visit even one amongst the 33, I think I will be very happy.

5. What is your daytime job when you are not moonlighting as a โ€˜city vigilanteโ€™, err, or a blogger?ย 

I do not have a job per se right now. I am supposed to join a law firm in june. So, right now I am at home, sleeping, eating and doing nothing. Oh wait, I also dream of losing weight. ๐Ÿ˜€

6. What is the most amazing thing and the most annoying thing about yourself?

Let’s start with the amazing stuff. Oh, I just have to list one. I guess I am a very patient listener. In fact a very very patient listener. The most annoying thing about me is that maybe I don’t let go very easily. Be it a person, a thing or a moment. I can’t move on fast.

7. What is the most amazing thing and the most annoying thing about the opposite sex?

I personally believe that guys are better friends than girls. It might also be because I have always had guy friends as best friends. The most annoying thing is their inability to express what they feel and also the big fat male ego (I just can’t list one, it has to be more than one).

8. Everyone asks about love. I want to know how important do you think lust is in a relationship?

Very important. I don’t think I can be in love with a person if I don’t get to feel him near me. I can’t be in love with a person with whom I cannot be in a physical relationship. And if I ever say I am in love with such a person, he is either dead or not yet born ๐Ÿ˜›

9. What is your biggest guilty pleasure?

Shoes. I can buy truckloads of shoes. Any kind. Shoes make my knees go weak. Currently, I have 18 pairs of shoes and now with the job joining soon, I will buy many many many more ๐Ÿ˜€

10. How much time do you take to get ready for work?

Since I haven’t joined yet, I don’t know. But, during internships I used to take half an hour. And FYI I don’t put make up. Half an hour includes wearing the decided clothes, combing hair, putting kajal, lip balm, wearing shoes, deo (yeah I am a student. I don’t use perfume yet), and putting everything needed in the handbag. I don’t think it is bad. Eh?

11.ย Last but not the least, where and how do you see yourself in ten years from now?

I will answer two questions here, what I would do and What I am supposed to do?

I will save money, buy a house for my parents, get married, work as a partner in some law firm and probably travel once or twice in a year to some exotic location.

As to what I would love to do, Save money, buy a house for parents, adopt a girl child, get into the travelling business and never get married ๐Ÿ˜€

Nominating fellow bloggers for the award:


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My questions for the fellow bloggers:

1. What made you start blogging? How is blogging different than keeping a diary for you or is it the same?

2. Do you have a pet? If yes, which one? And if not, why?

3. Which city do you think is the best to settle down in India? And why?

4. What is the one thing that you ordered in a restaurant and it turned out to be totally yuck and expensive?

5. If you see your enemy (or simply somebody you dislike) in a helpless situation, will you go forward and help them? Or leave them and enjoy mercilessly?

6. Have you ever been caught by your parents doing something totally inappropriate for your age?

7. What is that one thing that you criticize publicly, but do the same in private?

8. Do you like water sports? Which one?

9. Have you ever thought (or actually did ) of harming somebody very badly in order to get back at them? How?

10. Do you fart and behave like the other person is guilty of the crime?

11. Have you ever been caught by the police ( or worst locked up)? For what reason?

Sounds more like a grilling questionnaire to me, but this is the maximum that I can get creative. I will definitely let the bloggers know about the nomination. Yayayay !! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€





Another new year has arrived. So, what does this year has to offer? Let me see a job (the first job) to join, a new city to settle down in, new people, new experiences, goodbye to the college of 5 years and greetings to a wonderful and exciting (I am assuming this) life.

The last year taught me lessons in learning to let go of people, behaving maturely and keeping a calm mind. I have also learnt a few other lessons (about myself) which I am going to (try to) always remember and apply whenever and if the need arises.

I have learnt that you should never let people behave the way they want to with you by virtue of the place they hold in your life. In other words, if they can’t earn it, you don’t need to pay for it.

I have learnt that you should never be with people who are sentimental fools. Never be around people who’s rationale keeps on committing suicide.

I have learnt that cooking may not be therapeutic for me. But, it is surely fun. Also, it helps you keep your stomach full which is very imperative.

I have learnt that as we grow up, we should very cautiously choose our friends. It is okay to be friends with a person who doesn’t value your friendship, when you are six. But, it is not okay when you are 23 going on 24. I believe that your friends are your introduction, and I have also heard that first impression is the last impression. So choose wisely and you will not have to suffer through it.

I have learnt that if you are patient and somehow manage to have a strong will power, nobody can take away from you that which you deserve.

I have learnt that maintaining long hair requires hard work. A lot of it actually.

I have learnt that maybe I won’t be able to do routine. Maybe, I am not going to follow the college, job and marriage sequence.

I have learnt that I need to read a lot more and travel far more than that.

I have learnt that I don’t want to fall (or rise) in love. I want to kiss a lot of guys, dance with them, roam around and get back safely to my room. I over estimated myself when I thought I am person who believes in love. I don’t. Very clearly I don’t.

I have learnt that over thinking costs you a lot. You should just follow your heart every time and it is going to be alright.

And, I have learnt to believe that if you still have the chance to make things right, to be with the person you want to, to do something which brings a smile to your parents face then you probably should. Second chances are rare, and not everybody is lucky enough to grab them.

I hope 2014 teaches me new (positive) lessons. Yes, because I have also learnt to know that experiences are invaluable. And, if they don’t per se make you a good person, they will definitely make your life better than what it was yesterday.

Happy New Year fellas !! ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy 1st Anniversary :)


Well well well, here we are. One year completed and I still feel like posting on my blog. Isn’t this great? This is, for I must tell you that I am a very unstable person and a thing which might catch my interest today will as easily become a thing of the past the next day. And that I am here with you my dear blog after a whole one year makes me feel proud of myself, for this means that we might go a long way together and our romance is not over yet. ๐Ÿ˜‰

So what do you want to do today? Go somewhere out and eat good food. The need for using “good food” is because right now I am living in a paying guest house in Gurgaon and I don’t really like this place. I mean it is clean and all, we ย get food on time, it is by all means edible but then it is not what makes u gorge on your plate and slurp till it looks all shiny and new. ๐Ÿ˜›

Or maybe stay back and eat Britannia’s cakes and read The Glass Palace.

Or maybe watch a movie as it is a saturday and I have an off, so we both can catch up on some good movies lying all ignored in my laptop.

It is your day, so whatever you say, your wish is my command ๐Ÿ˜€

I have never pampered you, never blown kisses and never hugged you. But I must tell you this today, that whenever a life turning event takes place, whenever I feel guilty, whenever I am angry, ย whenever I am upset, you are the first thing that comes to my mind. For, you know all my secrets dirty and otherwise ๐Ÿ˜‰ and you have never judged me for what I was, what I am and what I am going to become in the near future. You will always be there, with the option of a New Post, or with the option of sending some mistake, ugly truth or stupid decision to the trash, editing the sad, sometimes wonderful and at other times just I don’t give a damn situations as I like and making me write about stuff I don’t want to share with anybody right now because maybe I lack the courage or maybe I am just not ready for people to know that side of me and saving it in drafts so that I can publish them when I am ready, older and wiser to take criticism and love all in the same manner.

This one year has taught me a lot like many other years, but you know I never documented them, saved and preserved them because it never felt worth it until you came along. Now, with the security that there is somebody who knows what goes on in my mind apart from me, I just wish and pray that this love between us never dies away. And we are together always and forever.

*yeah yeah go ahead and call me a lame romantic desperate woman, who got nobody so she started romancing with her blog*

I do not mind, for it never occurred to me before today, that my real love lies here in writing what I feel, in voicing what I need without the fear of being rejected or judged or frowned upon.

So what exactly this one year and the blog has taught me?

– Definitely, to care less. For people who really want to be in your life, will be there, no matter what and how.

– To have fun. To do what I like to do.

– To be more honest and say what I feel. I realized this lately.

– To start keeping oneself first.

– Realized that its good to be bad, if you felt bad after being good.

– That if you are adamant about something, people will have to respect your choice one day.

– I should start wearing more bright colors.

– That money matters and it as hell matters a lot. And no you are not an ass if you believe in the same.

– To err is human. If you have made mistakes but admitted making them, took wrong turns and came back alive, hurt people but apologized as well, and made sure that you ย listen to your friends and be there for your family, you have lived decently and it was a good year.

I love this blogger side of me and I hope it never fades ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy first Birthday to my blog and Happy first Anniversay to us ๐Ÿ˜€


Life as we think we know it….

  • 378361_517524314940599_427866439_nI am back from Delhi. When I started off interning, I decided that whatever happens, I will never ever intern in New Delhi during winters. I am not a fan of the season and considering how cold it gets in Delhi, I knew I am never going there. But then, I had to and I did go. And, surprisingly, it was good. I am happy that I survived it and even bathed regularly ๐Ÿ˜›
  • I have exactly 11 months more of college life left. I don’t think I am going to miss the place much. Rash says that I am wrong. Everybody sings the same song while in college, but everybody misses it when it ends. I am not sure.
  • I will hopefully get placed this year. Please pray for me. I want to get placed as soon as possible. I can’t take the tension that comes with it.
  • I had too many clothes to wash when I returned. I am done with all the washing and cleaning. ๐Ÿ˜€
  • I think there is a point in life, when you just stop caring about some things. It doesn’t matter to you, what is happening. You just accept it, breathe and move forward.
  • Somehow I have started believing that whatever happens when you fall in love doesn’t really happen. That love is an illusion created by people who had no problems and issues in life. Much like the sociologists who kept on inventing new theories which nobody understands, but still everybody accepts to some extent.
  • I have lost weight. Crazy Shopper told me. I look thin. When I saw myself in the mirror, I thought I look more tanned. But, how can you get tanned in winters??
  • ย I saw Life is Beautiful yesterday. It is indeed a very very heart touching and simple movie. Do watch it when you are feeling all negative about life.
  • I need to work on a lot of things. Study for placements, apply for internships, write papers. But, I am doing nothing. I hate when I want friends to be supportive and they end up spoiling my mood which leads me to do nothing all day long.
  • I started watching 24. It is a decent series with too much action and a good plot.
  • It has been so many days, that I haven’t read a good book. Sigh!
  • Sometimes, I wonder what do people who read my blog exactly think about me. I once read my blog with a stranger’s perspective. And I realized I crib a lot.
  • It is been more than 10 days that Rash and I are continuously fighting. We both tried hard to keep our calm, but I don’t think it worked. And I don’t think that it is going to work ever.
  • I am a footwear freak. I want a wardrobe particularly for my footwears when I buy a house with the money I earn after I get placed. Everytime I buy a footwear, I feel like I have done something very meaningful in my life.
  • I want to live with my parents after I get a job. I don’t want to get married ever. I hate the idea of living at someone else’s house with someone else’s parents.
  • I read this quote somewhere,” When you say yes to others, make sure you are not saying no to yourself.” I think I should start working on my inability to say NO everytime I do something that I don’t want to do.
  • The college authorities are putting LAN connection. The wi-fi things is going to be shut down. Crazy shopper told me that they can restrict our access more easily now.

I have too much to write about. But, nothing here is even close to what I think I need to talk about. I feel like I haven’t spoken my mind since ages. I just keep on listening to people, getting free advises in between (I feel like breaking the nose of the person), nodding and just passing all the time like that. I just hope this phase gets over soon. I can’t bear with the silence for too long.

Not Special Enough huh !!




I was watching Nach Baliye current season (whichever it is) yesterday. I watched the part where (participant couple) a guy proposes to his girlfriend on National television.ย It was quite a shock for the girl and they were really cute together. She also said that she always had a complaint that her boyfriend never made her feel special. He never proposed to her, never gave any surprises etc etc and that is why the moment was really special for her and made her feel very special as well.

When I was with axe, I tried everything (as far as I think, never got to learn his views on the same) to make him feel special (read: wanted). I had these plans of meeting him, preparing this and that for him, making cards (I am good at it and I love giving cards, and getting them too) etc etc. I am quite sure I did everything possible for me, to make him feel that he is the one. With time I realised when you start giving too much in a relationship and it is one sided, you will always be taken for granted. This is what happened. And this is why I decided if ever again I go for a relationship, I will make sure I am not the only one who is doing everything.

I also learnt that maybe making the other person feel special is not always necessary. It is all about feelings, understanding, being there for each other and like. But then is it never needed? I don’t know. I have never felt special and I don’t think I will ever get to feel that way. So, I have no hopes, really. And, if at all it is about understanding and love, then how do you expect your partner to know/identify that you love him/her. FYI, I am not talking about showing your love in a material form. But do you expect him/her to love you in the same manner without you making sure that your feelings (love) is timely expressed and sometimes, just sometimes showered.

I am nobody to talk about love and relationships, as I don’t really have a decent history when it comes to any kind of relationships, be it friends, be it family or be it X, Y or Z. What do you think about this making him/her feel special? Have you done anything for your partner that made his/her day? Have your partner made you fall in love again and again with him/her after you were together? Or you feel it is not needed? If you do feel that way, then why?

Do tell me about your idea(s) of love and be loved. This is Valentine’s week, lets go through a variety of definitions of love. Lets try to frame it. Lets see if it exists. And if it does exist, for how long it manages to survive?

For the time being, Happy Valentine’s Week for all in love and for those like me, lets make sure that it does happen to us atleast once in this lifetime (for I believe it exists, it is just hard to find and the maintainance costs, dude don’t even bring it up!!)


Am I too naive??


Sometimes, no not actually sometimes it is almost everyday that I suddenly realize and yes even if it is everyday, the realization is sudden and feels new and fresh every time it dawns on me. So, where I was? Yes, the realization.

The almost-everyday-yet-sudden-realization ย is that I am too, way too stupid and you know sometimes innocent and some times just naive to understand people. To understand what they are hinting at. To understand that maybe they are with you just because they need you now at this point in their life.

I once used to believe that I know people I am friends with. I mean I atleast know people I am close to. But, now it seems that i don’t know anybody. Every time I start believing in someone, something happens which pushes me into thinking that exactly why did it happen? This leads to me getting all negative about everything and I refuse to trust people, yes I refuse to even have faith in people whom I consider to be my best friends.

I accept the fact that a person has different layers when it comes to one’s character or nature. But, how am I supposed to act according to what layer you are wearing today? How am I supposed to know how much do you want to talk today? etc etc.

This has led me to cut my contacts, I have even stopped talking to a number of people I liked talking to before. I just can’t understand people, how hard I try. I just couldn’t. I will still laugh with them, be happy for them, care for them and even ย work for them sometimes, but I don’t know if they really want to be with me or they are just being with me maybe because they can’t ignore me or something alike. I feel if I am just getting older and not wiser. Meeting different people should have atleast taught me something, but that also hasn’t been helpful.

I lack in wisdom, judgment and I am naturally naive. Yes, that is what I am. It is like sometimes I just can’t bear those people and at other times I feel I don’t have anybody else to go to. I feel I have limited options and they are all bad. I can’t go back to the people I lost contact with, because now that is selfish. And, I can’t make new friends because it takes a lot to build a relationship, a worthy relationship and I do not have the required patience and tolerance to go through it all.

I guess this is why I like being alone. You know you don’t have to explain anybody anything, you can be yourself and the best part is you are not being judged. Also, you don’t feel like the other person is disappointing you because you were always there when he/she needed you. And the best part is you don’t get hurt. I think I should take some serious and strong steps in order that I am no longer being taken for granted. That other people should understand that I too have ย a life of my own, my own problems and my life doesn’t really revolve around them.