On a shopping spree…AGAIN :P


The last time I went shopping and got that gorgeous AND dress, I was determined I won’t shop until the placement thing gets over. But, then Delhi happened. And you know right, that New Delhi and street shopping are like identical twins. And one cannot just cannot leave the city without visiting Sarojini Market, Kamala Nagar Market, M Block Market, Janpath, CP etc etc. When you visit these markets, it is just impossible to not shop. So, taking advantage of the day being a sunday, and Crazy Shopper and another friend are also in Delhi, we decided to meet up and go for shopping.

We met at the Green Park Metro Station and then boarded the Vishwavidyalaya Metro. The best part was we got a place to sit. Since, our stop was around 8-9 stations away, we decided to catch up for the missing two weeks of being away from each other. Crazy Shopper had her partying and pubbing stories. Another friend had her office stories and I had my office plus the accommodation stories.

We reached Kamala Nagar Market and started looking at tops, t-shirts and what not. I got a grey colored Shrug, which was quite different and way smart looking for me to call it a shrug. I bought it. 😀 We went to a guy selling scarfs and from the sea of scarfs lying there, I got one. I got another Orange top with little hearts from this market. Kamala Nagar is a really good place for street shopping. They do not charge much, and hence save you from going through the bargaining exercise. They even have fresh pieces, and sizes and colors of everything they sell. So, this is not the bad, rugged or used shopping that many people assume street shopping to be. The market even has a number of good eataries and one famous place is Sethi’s cake shop at Mathri wali gali on Bunglaw Road. Please try the dry cake with Vanilla and Chocolate ice cream here.

Also, the market doesn’t really gets to life before 4-4:30 PM, so if you reach before this time, you will get bored.

Next, we went to Sarojini Nagar by Metro first and then auto. We got down at INA Metro station and the auto rickshaw’s there will take you to Sarojini Nagar for 30 Rs. Now, I know Sarojini Nagar by heart. I have shopped here, everytime I have been in Delhi. Stelatoes is a shop in the market, which has a sale running all through out the year on the first floor of the shop and you can buy anything for Rs. 200 and Rs. 250. I have got three footwears from this shop on my three visits to Delhi. Now, Sarojini Nagar is a place where you should surely know how to bargain. If you don’t then be accompanied by someone who does. The market remains crowded all through the day and it gets more and more crowded by the hour. I got one dress from here, one footwear and one white shrug (crochet).

So people here you go, the pictures 😀

The no so nice but still bought Footwear Rs. 250

The no so nice but still bought Footwear Rs. 250

The Batman T- Shirt :) Rs. 150

The Batman T- Shirt 🙂 Rs. 150

The White Kroshiya Shrug. Rs. 150 :)

The White crochet shrug. Rs. 150

The baby pink colored dress with a bow :) Rs. 250

The baby pink colored dress with a bow 🙂 Rs. 250

The Polka Dots white dress with a belt all in Rs. 250

The Polka Dots white dress with a belt all in Rs. 250

The Smart Grey Shurg :) Rs. 200

The Smart Grey Shurg 🙂 Rs. 200

The light Blue colored Scarf :) Rs. 50

The light Blue colored Scarf 🙂 Rs.

The Orange top with blue hearts :) Rs. 200

The Orange top with blue hearts 🙂 Rs. 200

The semi formal polka dots peach colored shirt cum top :) Rs. 200

The semi formal polka dots peach colored shirt cum top 🙂 Rs. 200


Shop your heart out…. ;)


I came back from New Delhi with stipend in my bank account and hope in my heart that the winter sale is still on in Bhopal. I wanted to buy smart formals and some casual stuff for daily college wear and I wanted to shop while the sale is going. To my budget’s delight, the sale was on and I got to check out stuff. We entered Shoppers Stop and learnt that it is the last day of Sale there. Crazy Shopper and me squealed in delight and thanked our stars that we decided to go on shopping on that very day and not afterwards. So, I looked for dresses. I don’t know why particularly dresses, I wanted one but then I didn’t really want one. What I really wanted to spend my money on were formals. But, I wasn’t looking for them. On the other hand, Crazy Shopper, as crazy for shopping she is, was looking for clothes for everybody, herself, a junior she wants to gift something, another friend of ours and me and of course herself.

So we try all that we get our hands on. I try a pretty pretty cream colored formal top, but then it is one size larger then what fits me. Rejected. I try another woolen material grey colored cute party wear top, but then it is out of my budget (yeah on sale!). Rejected. I try one animal print casual top, it doesn’t look good on me. I don’t know why, I can never carry animal prints. Rejected. I try a dress with checks print, it looks very formal but very dull and boring at the same time. Rejected. Finally I tried a black semi-formal knee length dress, it fits perfectly fine, is within my budget and looks gorgeous. But, then Crazy Shopper had reservations about it and she said the dress is common. I got all confused, one because it was an AND dress and second, it was for just Rs. 600. It had 70% off. I wore the dress, pleaded Crazy Shopper that I wouldn’t get another dress for Rs. 600 and that it was worth going through, Shit-she-too-has-the-same-dress-as-I-do scene. So, we agreed on it. I then started looking for formal shirts.

I tried some shirts, but then the same issues of size and price popped up everytime I managed to like something. Then, Crazy Shopper went to some section and got a grey checks print shirt which fitted perfectly and was not expensive. I got that one too. Next, we went to Wills. I believe and agree with Crazy Shopper that Wills has the finest range of formals for women. Remember, Deepika Padukone’s office wear in the movie Karthik Calling Karthik, yeah that whole range was available at Wills. I loved what she wore in the movie. So, I really liked this trouser at Wills. It was different, pattern wise and color wise as well. They had 30 waise size. I thought I can manage that, it shouldn’t be that loose. But, then who was I kidding. It was only loose and nothing else. I want this, I want this, I sulked, danced and did what not in front of Crazy Shopper while she silently watched me in the trial room, making herself comfortable on the only chair and waited for me to shut my mouth up. Then, she said no. I sulked some more and then  gave away. Asking the store owner to look further if they can find size 28. He said he doesn’t have. I made a face and walked out of the store.

Then, to make up for the loss of  the trousers I went to Metro. I knew only shoes can lighten up my mood. I hate the fact that at Metro you find either on sale or shitty stuff on sale. I wanted to buy formal black stilettos. Is that too much to ask for? Yes, it is. 😦 The stilettos I tried were all pretty good. But then, to spend 3,000 on one pair, umm I thought it would be a little too much. I am still a student. I will do that after I get a job. So, after going through all the footwear and trying whatever I thought I will buy someday, Crazy Shopper and I left the store.

Next, we went to Sepia. Now, on thing about this store is that not many people buy clothes from here (I am assuming, as they had their whole stock on sale and my O my what a sale that was). Crazy Shopper and I looked into the entire stock, yes each and every top and kept on selecting the ones we wanted to try and maybe buy. She selected some 8-10 tops, I too did the same. She went inside the trial room and I waited outside for her. She kept changing tops one after the other, showing me, we both discussing the color, fitting and where can we wear it. Price was not an issue here. Thank god for that. I repeated the same exercise. Trying, discussing and rejecting. Finally, I bought three tops and Crazy Shopper nothing. I must say that the people working in the store were very patient with both of us. We actually turned their stock upside down. But then, it was about investing money. We couldn’t help it. 🙂

So after I don’t know how many stores, clothes and footwears later and not to forget an entire day, we came back with one dress, one shirt and three tops. No no, actually it took us two days. Here is the picture of the dress, shirt and tops. 😀


The Black AND Dress

The Top from Sepia

The Top from Sepia

Another one from Sepia

Another one from Sepia

The Semi-Formal plus casual Top from Sepia

The Semi-Formal plus casual Top from Sepia

The only formal thing I got. The Grey Shirt.

The only formal thing I got. The Grey Shirt.

Not Proud


A 16 year old teenage girl was molested publicly by a mob of 50 men. She was beaten, stripped and groped. Police reached the scene after thirty minutes. The people on the streets watched and did nothing. A media person shot the whole episode. Police makes the first arrest two days after the incident, even after having first hand evidence.

The worst part is that the accused are charged under Section 354 of the Indian Penal Code. I will tell you what it says,

“Whoever assaults or uses criminal force to any woman, intending to outrage or knowing it to be likely that he will thereby outrage her modesty, shall be punished with impris­onment of either description for a term which may extend to two years, or with fine, or with both.”

The offence is bailable and provides for imprisonment for a term of maximum two years. This section has been in force from the British Raj days. Not amended for almost a century, it throws light on the plight and distress that an Indian woman has to go through if her case falls under the same or if at all she decides to get justice by legal means. The Indian Legislature has already proven in many cases before that it doesn’t care to what happens to half the population of their country. Women are raped, beaten, molested, burnt or murdered if born.

People take pride because they belong to a country of rich diverse cultures and tradition. They believe India is a great nation, no matter what.

But, I am ashamed. Heavily ashamed because I belong to a nation which doesn’t respect women.  I feel harassed, I feel helpless, I feel my own dignity is at stake, I can’t even think of how that young girl would have survived the trauma for thirty minutes. I am more than angry. I am agitated.

Rash says that he doesn’t want to live here because is desh ka kuch nahi ho sakta. Until yesterday, I didn’t agree with him. But, today I get this feeling that maybe he is right, maybe all the sayings that education changes ones mindset and thinking are not wholly correct, maybe 21st century isn’t that modern, maybe men still need to accept the fact that they are here because a woman decided some years back to let them be here and not kill them just because they were born male.

Apart from being agitated, I am also scared. I am scared for every female I know. I am scared because tomorrow I might have a daughter and she wants to go out and have fun and I stop her from living her life the way she wants to because the it is not safe out there. Because there are men whose penis operate their brain, because there are men who cannot argue or discuss forget accepting defeat they only know to rape, because there are men who earn more than enough but still harass their wife to bring along dowry, because there are men who neither have the guts nor the values to stand shoulder to shoulder with a woman and let her be.

I also understand, that no amount of social counselling is going to bring any change. Changes are rare and they only come when there is zero political ground. What we can do as public is not to tolerate such incidents. Reaction is what will bring the administration on its toes.

React when you see a woman being beaten (do not leave it on them as it is their private matter), react when you are molested, react when a man tries to feel you in a bus, train or on a road. Shout, abuse, kick and kill if needed.  Hit them where they will feel the pain most. Teach them a lesson. Be proud to be a woman !